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Excerpt Tour + #Giveaway: Interwoven by Michelle Montebello @Michelle_Monteb @GoddessFish

by Michelle Montebello
GENRE: Contemporary Romance


Belle Hamilton is a romantic at heart. She's engaged to the love of her life and dreams of marriage, children and a happily ever after. Belle’s world is close to perfect until one afternoon she makes a decision she can't take back.

In the blink of an eye, Belle’s life spirals out of control. She loses everything that is dear to her and is forced to flee to the other side of the world where she meets Andrea, a local bartender from Rome, and develops an unexpected connection with him.

Can they break through the complications of past hurts and a long-distance relationship to make it work or will one terrifying night in Paris end it before it had a chance to begin?


Belle pushed opened the door and froze.

Time, in all its infinite ticking, slowed and blurred around her. Ben’s room, in contrast, came crashing into focus. On the bed she’d shared countless times with her beloved fiancĂ© was her beloved fiancĂ©, making furious love to another woman. They were naked and panting amidst a tangle of sheets, their skin glistening with sweat. Clothes were strewn across the floor—a pair of lacy red knickers, a little red dress and Ben’s shirt, no longer crisply starched, but a crumpled pile of cotton on the floor.

A cry escaped from Belle’s throat, a horrible guttural sound that made Ben look up and catch sight of her in the doorway. His ferocious lovemaking came to a screeching halt. ‘Belle!’

The room fell silent.

Ben scrambled out of his lady friend and snatched up the sheets, hiding their indiscretion. He climbed to his feet, his eyes frantic, his manhood erect and pointing crudely at her. ‘Belle, what are you doing here?’

Belle shook her head as she backed into the wall, her hands at her mouth. She felt immobile, not wanting to look at them but unable to tear her gaze away. Some desperate part of her wanted to flee the room, to run out the door and go home to Darling Street where she could pretend like it had never happened. Don’t be stupid, Belle. Look at what you’re precious Ben is doing. Look! How can you pretend?

The other woman, a young silver-haired beauty, readjusted the sheet around her and shot Belle a scathing look. She appeared unimpressed with the interruption.

‘Is this her?’ she said, through bright red lips. ‘I thought you’d gotten rid of her.’

Ben’s face turned scarlet. Belle choked back a sob and ran from the room.


She heard Ben calling her name but she didn’t stop. She flew down the luxuriously carpeted stairs and snatched up her handbag. She left the groceries and a pile of sticky, half-incorporated dough on the benchtop and sped out the door.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Michelle Montebello was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, where she lives with her husband and two young children. She has always had a passion for reading, writing and the dramatic arts and she spent most of her childhood immersed in books, writing stories and performing in plays.
She has worked full-time in the corporate sector since 1998. It wasn't until she completed a writing course with James Patterson that she was inspired to write and publish her first novel, Interwoven, in 2017.
In addition to her writing, she also has a passion for travel and loves to combine her two favourite things - creative writing and travelling - to create vibrant worlds for her characters to explore.
When this busy mum is not working, chasing little ones or searching under beds for monsters, she can be found reading, writing or plotting her next story.


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