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In a world where marriage doesn’t exist—only seven-year contracts—you don’t marry, you sign. You don’t divorce, you breach. And sometimes, you just expire.

In this hilarious conclusion to Erin Lyon's I Love You Subject to the Following Terms and Conditions, Kate has accepted a job practicing signing law, the one type of law she swore she'd never do - especially since what she thought was her very own happily ever after turned into just another expired contract. But between Kate's embarrassing penchant for running into exes in court, clients determined to use her as their very own therapist, and a couple having a knock-down, drag-out over the custody of the family guinea pig, at least the job's never boring.

But while Kate finally has a handle on her career, her love life is still, well, complicated. The former love of her life, Jonathan, wants her back. Her current main squeeze, Dave, wants to take things to the next level, but she still can't shake her wolf-in-sheep's-clothing vibe about him. And then there's Adam, her mad crush who really wants to be her friend. So, to sum up, one questionable ex, one player with a capital "P," and one guy who's kind of stolen her heart even though she's in the friend zone. This should be a piece of cake.

Unconditionally is both a sweet and sexy romantic comedy and a hilariously relatable look at finding happiness where you least expect it.


"A sharp, witty, and fun debut, with both sweet and sexy moments and a heroine I want to have a drink with." ―Kimberly Lang, USA Today bestselling author of Something to Prove


“Dammit, Kate,” he said softly, putting a finger and thumb to the bridge of his nose. “Can’t you just . . . not . . . fall in love with me?”
I laughed again. “And that seems like such a simple request, right?”
He smiled somberly. “It should be.”
“Have you met you?”
Now he laughed. “Have you met you? You could do way better.”
“Well, that’s probably true,” I said with a chuckle.
I leaned my head against the rest again and turned toward him. “So, I could do better, huh?”
He nodded.
“I’m not sure what ‘better’ looks like.”
“Someone who adores you.”
“Adam. Are you kidding me? You freaking adore me.”
“Shit. That is true. So how about someone who believes in commitment as much as you do.”
“Easier said than done,” I said, narrowing my eyes. “Or, you could just fall in love with me and then that would also solve our problem.”
He smiled at me in a way that knotted my insides. “If I was capable of falling in love, Kate, which I’m not, it would be with you.”
I frowned. “Oh. Well, that’s sweet . . . and depressing all at the same time.”
He let go of my hand and reached out to push-start the car’s ignition. “I’m not giving up on our friendship, though.”
Perfect. That should make my goals of self-preservation a piece of cake. I am so screwed. And not the Oh yay, sexy time kind.

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Erin Lyon graduated with a bachelor's degree in English and then worked in broadcast television at the Sacramento ABC affiliate for 10 years before going to law school. She is now a practicing civil attorney and blames all of the people in her life for not trying to talk her out of the whole “becoming a lawyer” thing. After finishing law school, she completed her first novel and began working on the sequels. Erin lives in Northern California with her husband of nearly 20 years (the Saint), her two daughters (the Girls), her three rescue dogs (the Boys), and three cats, who, let’s be real, belong only to themselves. The Contract Killers is her debut novel.

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