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Blog Tour + #Giveaway: Fractions of Existence (Existence #1) by J. Lenni Dorner @JLenniDorner @chapterxchapter

Fractions of Existence by J. Lenni Dorner
Publication Date:  September 20, 2017

Once they were humanity's exalted protectors— now they are being hunted.

Xavier will weigh all human life against Gwendolyn's ignorant happiness.
The good news is that her choice can blow his away.

Omnipotent beings find each other while playing an online game. Xavier has been searching for Gwendolyn, his true mate and the missing member of the Existence. Only if reunited can the group regain the rest of their memories and access all of their powers. Hidden in plain sight, disguised as humans, they help who they can, as best they can, when they can.

The Eyes in the Shadows, a religious sect, has been trying to free humans from the “prison” of life on Earth for millenniums. The Existence has always been able to thwart them… until now. They've discovered a way to end the world that no one will see coming.

Gwendolyn has her future all laid out. There is a plan. She knows what her parents want for her and how to get it. Then Xavier, a friend from a virtual game, makes her question everything. He's full of secrets, one being an understanding of her fear of the wind.

She tries to suppress her intense attraction to the mysterious and frustrating Xavier. She's engaged, after all, and the thoughts she's having aren't proper. Gwendolyn is swept into a whirlwind of secrets, danger, and a forbidden attraction. She'll drive across the country in her beat-up old car, not knowing if he is genuinely interested or just being polite. (He refuses to kiss her!) Gwendolyn's journey is full of self-doubt, sacrifice, and dark visions that invade her sleep. Will she uncover the truth about herself?

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The world of …  (World Building)

I wrote a non-fiction book, Preparing to Write Settings that Feel Like Characters, which offers help to those planning to do a certain kind of world building.

With Fractions of Existence, however, I wrote using settings that are real and injected the story into them. New York City is real. The buildings Xavier lives in and runs his company from are theoretically possible. Where Wend lives and the places she travels to all could exist. That's what the world building in this book is about-- being plausible.

As the series goes on, the locations where the members of the Existence live all become more bizarre and interesting. The locations begin to give clues about what the characters are.

Here's part of a scene from Fractions of Existence that mentions two of the main settings, and reveals the economic status of these characters. (Very few people can afford to live above 800 feet in Manhattan, where as an 1,800 square foot house in southern California indicates that Wend is slightly below middle-class.) Xavier and Wend are in an online chat. Heath is at Xavier's home. :

"I suppose that would be all right. I am nowhere near New York, though. I'm a California gal, actually."

Heath shook his head.

"At least I learned her sex and location," Xavier remarked.

"Yes. The other side of the country."

The rest of the conversation was just as slow. Heath drained his water as he got off the sofa. He strolled over to the picture window. Crossing his arms, he looked out over the city. The glowing pale orange of the sunset melded well with the shades of the first autumn leaves.

Heath's superior vision made seeing over eight hundred feet below as easy as seeing eight feet away. A short woman with curves caught his eye. "36-24-36," he sang to himself, laughing at the song in his head.

He watched her walk her Dalmatian toward the building across the street. A man in a brown coat stepped into the picture, greeting the woman with a kiss.

"Enjoy her, mate." He pressed his hand to the glass and shut his eyes from the happy scene.

The last raindrops hit the Manhattan pavement as the rush of workers heading home shifted to the slow pace of the evening wanderers. This was the last place most anyone would expect extraordinary creatures, ones so in tune with nature, to meander. Only a handful of Lenni-Lenape story keepers understood what lured such legends to this location.

Far away, in an 1,800 square-foot home in the Golden State, a gray-eyed maiden typed replies to her new gamer friend. She did not know the impact they would have on each other. She never considered how much common history two strangers could share. The possibility of falling for him didn't enter her mind. A conspired against union was unpredictable. She couldn't know, as she typed her next line, how much the course of her life would change.


J. competed in Write Club 2014 &2016. The Creative Writing Institute held writing contests that resulted in J Lenni Dorner being published in "WRONG!: A themed anthology 2014" and LOST!: A themed anthology 2017. J self-published "Preparing to Write Settings That Feel Like Characters," in 2015. Winner of the Write Edit Publish Now flash fiction "Youthful Frights versus Adult Fears" Halloween challenge 2015. Signum University's Mythgard Institute held a creative writing contest in the autumn of 2015 called "Almost an Inkling" in which J Lenni Dorner was the Popular Vote Winner of week 6, resulting in publication in The Soul of Wit. The Operation Awesome Flash Fiction Contest 12 win in April 2016 went to J Lenni Dorner.

A to Z Challenge co-host as of 2017.

When not reading or writing, J enjoys video games, laughing at funny cat videos, finding drawings of dragons on Pinterest, and watching movies.

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