Thursday, May 23, 2019

Review: An Artifact of Death by Alexa Padgett Writing as J.J. Cagney @AlexaPadgett

An Artifact of Death
Reverend Cici Gurule Mysteries
by Alexa Padgett Writing as J.J. Cagney
Published: May 21st 2019
Publisher: Sidecar Press, LLC
Genre: Adult, Mystery, Thriller


A botched execution. A reverend on the run. Can she solve the mystery before she’s caught in the crosshairs?

Reverend Cici Gurule went to the sacred Chaco Canyon in search of a sign. She’s been offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in a megachurch, but taking the position would mean abandoning her Southwestern home and the man she’s grown to love as much more than a friend. She’s so caught up in her thoughts that she doesn’t realize when she stumbles upon a group of heavily armed operatives on the verge of an execution.

Soon, Cici’s dodging bullets and scaling mesas with the mysterious man she saved from certain death. With a little help from her twin sister’s ghost and restless ancestral spirits, they venture deeper into the maze-like rocky terrain. But her new companion’s deadly aim makes her wonder if she can afford to trust his side of the story.

To make it out of the canyon alive, Cici must unearth the true story behind the man and a sacred Navajo artifact before the next bloodshed on sacred ground is hers.

My Review:

Reverend Cici Gurule has a few things she needs to think through and a tough decision to make. Cici has a new job offer at another church and is not sure if she wants to take it. If she takes the job it would mean leaving her home and the people she has come to care about behind. Cici and Sam have been friends for a long time but Cici’s feelings for Sam have become stronger. Cici is not sure if she wants to take the new job and leave Sam behind or if she wants to tell Sam how she feels so they can pursue their relationship.

Cici decides to take a much needed vacation alone so she heads to Chaco Canyon to seek out her much needed answers. At the canyon Cici witness a man being held at gun point by the Russian Bratva. Cici is chased through the canyon by the Bratva dodging bullets she runs to her car and takes off when she looks to her right the man that was being held at gun point has jumped into her car and tells her to go, go, go. Cici has no idea who this man is or if she can trust him. Why was he being held at gun point? Did he do something wrong? Was he the one doing the chasing in the beginning? Or was he the one being chased?

Cici texts the one person she can trust that has always been there for her Sam. Sam is her longtime friend whom she has always been able to count on whenever she called. But can Sam find her in time? Can he save her from these Russian Bratva dudes? Will Cici take the new job? Will she finally tell Sam how she feels about him?

I have read all of the Reverend Cici Gurule Mysteries and truly enjoyed each and every one. An Artifact of Death starts out with action on the first page and never lets up from beginning to end. It will keep you glued to your seat with your heart racing rooting for Cici and her new friend hoping they will make it out alive. While reading An Artifact of Death I felt as if I was right there with Cici as she was dodging bullets I felt as if I could just hear the bullets whizzing by her head and see her as she is ducking and running all at the same time when a bullet zooms by.

I love following alone with Cici as she tries to solve a crime. I just can’t seem to get enough of Reverend Cici Gurule Mysteries. They are so hard to put down I just want to keep reading but sometimes life just won’t let that happen.

I would recommend An Artifact of Death to all fans of mystery, suspense, and thriller with a twist of the supernatural.

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