Thursday, May 23, 2019

Review: Super Humans by T.M. Franklin @TM_Franklin @XpressoTours

Super Humans
by T.M. Franklin
(The New Super Humans, #1)
Publication date: January 14th 2019
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Romance


A mysterious chest.

A terrifying vision.

Are their newfound powers enough to take down an unspeakable evil?

Chloe Blake’s campus rental has it all: a retro Victorian vibe, a beautiful picture window, and a perfect view of Ethan Reynolds—the guy who broke her heart and lives across the street. But when she sees disturbing visions of death slide across the panes, she’s convinced she’s glimpsed into Ethan’s future. She’ll stop at nothing to change fate and save him… even if it means everyone will think she’s crazy.

Wren Galloway has lost track of all the crummy cities she’s lived in. Plagued by nightmares, Wren wakes in a cold sweat with the vision of a nearby Victorian house still in her mind… and a strong urge to seek out the powerful talisman calling to her from its attic.

Drawn together by an ancient force, Chloe and Wren must work together to discover the house’s secrets and unlock their hidden powers to take down the shadowy specter that haunts their premonitions and leaves death in its wake.

My Review:

Two girls, best friends Chloe and Miranda are excited to living off campus this year. They move into a beautiful Victorian home that has a little surprise waiting for them or more like Chloe. The house shows Chloe things through the front window. Chloe sees things or visions some are from the past but some are set in the future.

The visions don’t always come true or may not in the way she sees them as they can be changed which is just want Chloe does with the help of her long time best friend Miranda. Miranda is the best friend everybody wants to have. She is always right beside Chloe trying to help her figure out her visions and will help her any way she can to stop them from becoming true.

Chloe and Miranda’s childhood friend Ethan lives across the street in a fraternity house. Chloe has been saving Ethan life for a long time. She will see visions showing her accidents that Ethan is involved in resulting in his death but she has always been able to change them some way or another. One of the visions that Chloe sees in the front window is of Ethan being in an accident and not surviving. Chloe has to find a way to change the vision and hopefully save his life. Can Chloe save Ethan? Can she stop the accident from happening? If she can save him how does she manage to handle it? What is the outcome?

Chloe also has visions about a girl she has never met with a fog or tornado but something big and bad is about to happen. What that is Chloe has no idea but she has to find a way to stop it before it is too late. Who is this girl and what does she have to do with what is coming? Mysterious and strange things are happening to people that contains a black fog and causes people to turn on each other for no reason.

Super Humans started out kind of slow with getting to know Chloe, Miranda, Ethan, and Wren who they are and how their lives intertwined and with the background info on Chloe and how her visions worked but once Wren was introduced into the picture the action kicked in and I was hooked I can’t wait to read more about this fog or tornado thingy that is coming. I also want to see how Chloe and Ethan’s relationship escalates. I hope to see more of Dylan and Miranda and how their relationship goes.

If you like magic and the paranormal then you are going to fall in love with Super Humans. 

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