Monday, September 23, 2019

Review: A Legacy Witch (Spellcasters Spy Academy Year One) by Ashley McLeo @amcleowrites

A Legacy Witch
Spellcasters Spy Academy Year One
by Ashley McLeo
Published: September 23, 2019
Publisher: Meraki Press
Genre: Magic, Withes, Wizards, Paranormal, New Adult, Young Adult, Supernatural


Magic and espionage run in my blood.

But my parents don’t want me attending their alma mater, Spellcasters Spy Academy. They think I can’t hack it. Of course, I plan on proving them wrong.

If I can stay alive long enough.

Someone is attacking witches in my year, and I seem to always be nearby when they strike.

I swear I have nothing to do with it. Shoot, I can barely get my magic to cooperate. But convincing some people of my innocence is impossible. Like hot-as-hell Alex Wardwell, who despises me because of one dumb mistake.

So between proving my parents wrong, passing the trials Spellcasters has in store, trying to convince Alex that he has me pegged wrong, and simply staying alive, it looks like I’m going to have a busy year.

Thank the universe I’ve always been up for a challenge.

A Legacy Witch is an upper YA/NA paranormal academy novel with an espionage twist! With an enemies-to-lovers romance, mysterious deaths, and a diverse cast of supernatural creatures, your enrollment at Spellcasters will be unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

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My Review:

A Legacy Witch follows students who are attending Spellcasters Spy Academy for the first time. The young witches and wizards are in training not only to be a spy but to learn to be better with their magic and to become stronger

The students have different trails they must face it they are to advance to the next class. The students learn about different demons and their abilities and how to fight them. Who will be strong enough to advance to the next class?

There are less first year students this year as someone has been killing them off one by one. Some believe that a curse was placed on first year students a long time ago. Who would want the students dead and why do they want them dead? Can they break the curse?

The students also come face to face with other paranormal creatures like vampires, demons, and elves as they are training and during the trails. The students have to learn to fight together and help each other instead of only fighting for themselves. Or competing against one another if they are ever hope to be a spy. They have to learn to trust one another and take charge of any given situation.

Once I picked up A Legacy Witch I couldn’t put it down I just wanted to turn the pages faster and faster as each student completed in their trails fighting demons and vampires to see who would make it out alive, the students or the demons. I also loved seeing the students use their magic, oh man that would be an awesome sight to behold.. I can’t wait to read more about Odette, Hunter, Alex and Eva in year two of the Spellcasters Spy Academy.

If you like reading about witches, magic, demons, vampires or elves in an academy setting then you are going to fall in love with A Legacy Witch I highly recommend that you one click yourself a copy today to begin this magical journey. 

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