Sunday, September 29, 2019

Book Blitz + Review + #Giveaway: Fearless by Allana Kephart @AllanaKephart @XpressoTours

Allana Kephart
Publication date: September 24th 2019
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

Priv·i·lege: having special rights, or immunities. Societal and social advantage.

For Riley McLeon, ignorance is bliss. As the daughter of a single cop with a history of shooting first and asking questions later, she’s grown up sheltered. He taught her everything she knows about life, love, guns, and the world as he sees it. And all he ever asked from her was a promise: she would never date a man of color.

Ra·cist: a person who shows or feels discrimination, prejudice, or antagonism against people of other races, or who believes that one’s own race is superior.

Lincoln Sanders knows all too well about the skin deep judgments people make. He knows what it is to lose everything, to be haunted by the impossible. He knows pain. He knows hate. And he definitely knows trouble when he sees it.

Chance: to take a risk. A possibility of something happening.

Silence comes easily when the whole world is against you, and being together is an act of bravery neither Lincoln or Riley think they’re capable of. Loving each other feels like coming back to life, but you can’t move forward if you’re living in the past.

When you unlearn everything you’ve ever known, you can become fearless.


“Okay, okay,” Riley laughs, slamming her empty bowl down on the coffee table. She clutches her head, squinting through the pain of her brain freeze. “Truth or dare, jackass?”

Tears stream down my face from laughing so hard at her display. After bringing her in and showing her around my little place, we made our way to the gray leather couch with two half gallons of frozen custard and a bottle of whiskey. One way or another, we got around to playing truth or dare. I promptly dared her to swallow the entire big, chocolatey scoop she had balancing on her spoon, that she promptly shoveled down her throat like a boss.

“I can’t believe you actually did that,” I cackle.

Truth or dare?” she laughs furiously, louder now. “It better be fucking good after that. I’m pretty sure that was abuse.”

“I’m not even sorry,” I say as I wipe the tears from my eyes. I press my hand against my chest, as if that will force air back into my lungs. “Truth.”

“Oh, typical,” she jokes, and I’m laughing again. “Alright. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done? Spare no details, I want to be flabbergasted.”

I shake my head, trying to think of something to tell her. This is where she finds out just how boring I am. “I ate a whole bag of marshmallows once.”

“Linc,” she hisses, unimpressed.

“What?” I ask, beaming at her. “I don’t have any fun crazy shit. The craziest thing I’ve ever done is go to prison. I don’t want to be a wet blanket.”

Trepidation washes over her, and my amusement fizzles out like a lit match in a puddle. “I… I’m not sure why I told you that,” I cough. Riley sits quietly, waiting for an explanation, and as much as I want to come up with a brilliant, sexy backstory, I can’t lie to her. I sigh. “Promise not to judge me?”

“Did you kill somebody or something?” she says through a forced laugh. When I don’t immediately respond, she pushes away from me on the couch. “You… Did you kill somebody?”


Riley McLeon father loves her very much and would do anything to keep her safe. He has taught her everything she knows. He has taught her about life, love, happiness, how to shoot a gun and he has taught her hate. He has taught her to hate anyone who is not like her.

Riley never quiet believed her dad when he was teaching her about hate but she kept that little secret to herself. Riley is the kind of person who doesn't go out looking for bad in people to her if the bad is there it will eventually show its self all on its own without any help from her.

One day Riley's friends talk her into going to a party that her dad would not approve of as they will be booze there. Riley is not into drinking for one thing she is only seventeen and her father is the chief of police. But against her better judgement she lets them talk her into going. After arriving at the party she falls into peer pressure and starts taking shots with her friends.

There is this one guy there who hits on Riley she tells him to keep his hands to himself and when he doesn't listen Riley tells this dude that she is not in to him and hits him. He tells her that he is into her and grabs her again Riley pulls back to hit him again when someone grabs her arm and tells the dude to lay off like the lady said.

Riley and Lincoln like each right off and find a place where they can spend some quiet time together and get to know each other better and the after the party is over Lincoln and Riley start spending more and more time together. Riley really likes Lincoln a lot and thinks he is a keeper and the kind of guy you take home to meet yours parents.

She has little problem with taking Lincoln home to meet daddy he is one of the guys he told her stay away from. Riley is afraid of daddy. I think it is more than being afraid of daddy she is afraid for Lincoln too. She is afraid of what daddy will do if he ever finds out about her and Lincoln.

Fearless is one of those novels that I don't think I will ever forget I believe it will stay with me forever. The world that Allana has portrayed in Fearless is one of hate and love of sadness and happiness of loss and gain of fear and fearless.

I think about it almost every day I don't understand how people can hate so bad and so much or so deeply. I ask myself almost every day why can't people love instead. I have shed tears more than once because of all the hate in the world I just don't understand it to me we are all one. My saying that I actually got from my husband is that "we are one".

People claim to love others more than their own self but how can they love others so much if they have all that hate deep inside of them. Can the love outweigh the hate? Does the hate outweigh the love?

Fearless had my attention from the summary. Fearless has all kinds of feelings between its pages and I think I felt most of them if not all of them. While I was reading Fearless I felt the love between two people, I felt the love a daughter has for her father, I felt the love a father has for his daughter. I felt hurt, anger, hate, love, sad, happy, and compassion. Fearless had me in tears on several occasions with different feelings for different reasons.

Fearless is one book that I highly recommend to everyone.

Author Bio:

Allana Kephart has been making things up and bending people to her will from a very young age. She loves animals, tattoos, music, laughing, and reading. She spends an obscene amount of time finding pretty new words and thinking up awful ways to torment her characters.

When not writing, she can be found walking one of her many furbabies, making havoc with her credit union work buddies, or jamming out in her car to Broadway musical soundtracks. She lives in the beautiful state of Colorado with fur-babies.