Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Review: Realms of Magic: A Spellcasters Short Story Collection @amcleowrites @MargoRyerkerk

Realms of Magic: A Spellcasters Short Story Collection
Published: September 24, 2019
Publisher: Kydala Publishing, Inc.
Genre: Fantasy, Magic, Short Stories, Witches, Dragons, Dark Fae, Mystics


Witches, mystics, dragons, dark fae, and bone women abound in this enchanting fantasy story collection featuring eight different authors.

In these short stories, you'll find not only chilling tales, suitable for cozying up with a cup of tea on a Halloween night, but romance, adventure, and redemption too.

With over 400 pages of tales, the Realms of Magic Anthology is sure to keep you up way past your bedtime.

This boxset includes the following stories:

A Marked Witch by Ashley McLeo
A Mystic's Choice by Kelly N. Jane
The Dark Season by Jaci Miller
Water Lilies and Bones by Tamara Rockiki
The Nutcracker Curse Prequel by Margo Ryerkerk
Blessed with a Curse by Katie Cherry
Samhain's Gift by Melania Tolan
Reactive by Helen Vivienne Fletcher

Review of Realms of Magic: A Spellcasters Short Story Collection

My Review:       

Realms of Magic has a little bit for everyone in the fantasy world who likes witches, dragons, fae, magic and stories set in academy worlds. I am leaving reviews for five of the books in Realms of Magic universe. I would like to give a great big shout out to all these wonderful authors in this anthology for writing such wonderful stories.

Ashley McLeo

Kelly N. Jane

Jaci Miller

Tamara Rockiki

Margo Ryerkerk

Katie Cherry

Melania Tolan

Helen Vivienne Fletcher

A Marked Witch by Ashley McLeo

My Review:

Four students who attend the Spellcasters Spy Academy are on summer break but decide to spend that time by doing an internship in Portland in but in different fields. Eva is a witch and decides she wants to study demons. Eva and her mentor find some old ancient ruins that allow demons to cross over into their world. Eva and her friends end up fighting some of the demons that pass through the portal.

I enjoyed reading A Marked Witch and getting a sneak peek into this new series of Ashley McLeo and can’t wait to get started on the first book in the Spellcasters Spy Academy, A Legacy Witch.

Sneak Peek:

Master Exeter’s head jerked in a nod, and slowly, we turned our attention from the tree to the larger graveyard.

That was when we saw it, a hand reaching out from the ground not twenty feet away.

The Dark Season by Jaci Miller

My Review:

Sixteen year old Claire and seven year old Livy lost their parents three years ago and ever since Claire has been taking care of Livy with the help of her friend William who helps her out with the chores.

It is almost Halloween and every year on Halloween Claire and Livy try to contact their parents in the other realm without success but this year just may be different. Will this year be the year? Will they make contact with their parents or will they make contact with something else?

I really liked reading The Dark Season and can’t wait to check out more stories by Jaci Miller.

Sneak Peek:

Impulsively she glanced over her shoulder and saw the ancient witch weaving in and out of the shadow behind her. Green eyes pierced the darkness, devilish orbs mocking her as she gave chase. A tangled mass of gray hair surrounded the witch’s ashen face, the edges of which were sharp and pointed. Black remnants of a tattered dress billowed around her as she flew.

The Nutcracker Curse Prequel by Margo Ryerkerk

My Review:

Clara finds a key that she believes belonged to her mother and would open her trunk. Clara and Philp take the key to the basement where her mother’s trunk is being kept and uses it to unlock the trunk.

Clara, Philip and her unicorn Biscuit take a dive into the trunk and in up the mer world where they meet a mermaid who needs her help.

I have read Clara and Philips story in The Nutcracker Curse and couldn’t wait to read about their adventures into the mer world. I would like to read more about Alantia and Fabian and the mer world.

Sneak Peek:

Carefully, almost reverently, I pushed the silver key into the trunk’s lock and turned. The lock sprang open and I lifted the top of the trunk. What I found made me gasp. Biscuit neighed, and Philip said tightly, “Clara.”

He might’ve said more but I didn’t hear him as the glittering water in the trunk called to me. Yes, there was a lake in the trunk. I didn’t understand how it was possible only that the water whispered, “Come to me, I’ll tell you all you want to know, Clara Marie of Austria.”

Samhain’s Gift by Melania Tolan

My Review:

It’s Halloween and Mindy should have been celebrating with her friend Everly’s birthday but she can’t do that as her friend is dead. Mindy misses her so much so when her families grimoire shows up on her door step she starts browsing through the pages when she finds a spell for contacting the dead. What she finds after casting the spell is not what she thought it would be. Things take a turn for the worst and now her life is in danger.

Samhain’s Gift has magic and spells and the dead, spells to bring the dead back.

Sneak Peek:

I deciphered a few spells. One was for protection, another for ridding the house of fleas, another was for beautifying one’s face, and then one was for creating hot water without fire.

“This is crazy,” I said out loud. “I don’t have powers and I am no witch.”

I flipped the book halfway through and found a spell written in English. It was a love spell. I laughed ou loud as I read the ingredients. Rose petals, jasmine blossoms, chocolate shavings, a glass of red wind, a pinch of cinnamon, and one piece of hair of love interest. These ladies had been hardcore. I flipped two pages back and my blood chilled.

At the top of the page in bold red letters were written: Spell to commune with the dead.

Reactive by Helen Vivienne Fletcher

My Review:

When Toby first arrived at the school he thought learning magic was going to be fun until the day he overheard some of his teachers talking saying he was going to be the death of all of them.

Then a new student Callipe arrives at the school. She won’t talk to anyone and when she does it is real hateful like. Toby and Callipe are paired together in class and told they are to be partners and must work together.  Toby is not sure how this is going to happen as she won’t even talk to him.

Reactive is filled with magic and wonderful characters that I would so love to get to know more of.

Sneak Peek:

So far, all I knew about Calliope was that she was weird and had anger issues. Well, that and she was apparently supposed to stop me becoming a threat to humanity. Probably not something I should lead with, but it sure sounded like us spending more time together was going to be worth everyone’s while.

I have honestly loved and enjoyed reading each of the stories in Realms of Magic. I loved the magic, spells, witches, dragons, unicorns, mermaids, mermen and mercorn. Each and every story brings something to the table for everyone that like stories like these with witches, magic, mermaids, unicorns plus a whole lot more. If you like stories like this then I would like to suggest that you one click yourself a copy today and join these wonderful characters on their journeys through the land of magic.