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Review: Ruby Rabbit and the Flower Garden by Michelle Jester @michelle_jester

Ruby Rabbit and the Flower Garden

Hollows on the Bayou #2

by Michelle Jester

Published: February 28, 2020

Publisher: Yellow Duckie Press

Genre: Children’s Book


Ruby Rabbit grows the biggest flowers in the village and loves to share with everyone, but when she gets mad at her best friend, Penny Elephant, the entire village finds that sometimes making mistakes can also help us all find common ground. Follow Ruby Rabbit and the other villagers of the Hollows on the Bayou Series on a journey through mistakes, forgiveness, and compassion.

Written and designed with simplicity; intended for younger audiences.

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My Review:

Ruby Rabbit had the prettiest flower garden of all time. Ruby Rabbit likes to visit all of her friends each week and give them flowers. One day her best friend Penny Elephant was supposed to go with her to see her friends. Ruby Rabbit waited and waited but Penny Elephant didn’t show up.

Ruby Rabbit got real mad and hurt at her friend. She wouldn’t speak to her when she saw her. Penny Elephant tried to make everything ok with Ruby Rabbit but She wasn’t having anything to do with it.

Ruby Rabbit and the Flower Garden teaches us that sometimes we get our feelings hurt but we get over it. It teaches us that getting mad only makes us feel bad in the end. It teaches us that we need to listen to how we feel. It teaches us that we have to let go of what is hurting us and forgive the person who caused us harm if that person is sorry about what they did. It teaches us that we make mistakes that we are not perfect. It teaches us to forgive so we can heal.

Ruby Rabbit and the Flower Garden is a great little book to teach children about hurt, making mistakes, and how to forgive.

Come join Ruby Rabbit on her journey of hurt, forgiveness, love, and compassion. One-click your copy of Ruby Rabbit today! 

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