Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Book Tour + Review + #Giveaway: the hensley mansion by Judith Holstrom @HolstromJudy @SDSXXTours


The Hensley Mansion
The Jinx Series Book 1
by Judith Holstrom
Genre: Paranormal Horror

Drew has always lived in the shadow of the Hensley Mansion, a sinister southern home up on the hill.
Once you enter, you really never leave and Drew discovered that no once but twice.
The first time she was sixteen-years-old with a group of friends on Hallow's Eve and the second time to get rid of an abusive husband she couldn't escape, but it cost her more than just her freedom.
To make it worse now, Drew Anderson has to relive her time in the Hensley mansion to help demolition constructor Stansley flatten the evil brooding in that house. But little did she know she has to visit for a third time to fulfill the task.
Will she be brave enough to finally help destroy the mansion that is the cause of all her nightmares?

Drew Anderson and her friends have always been told to never enter the house on the hill. It is told that if you enter the hensley mansion it will not let you leave again. Well, I can just imagine what sixteen-year-olds thought about that. First off, I don’t think they really believed it and second I don’t think they could pass up a chance of spending the night in a haunted house just to prove that ghost didn’t exist.

Drew and her friends decided they were going to spend a night of partying in the house on the hill even though all of their parents were dead set against it. But of course, they didn’t tell anyone where they were going. It just had been preached to them their whole life to stay away from the haunted house on the hill. But as most kids are apt to prove they know more than their parents or any adult they went anyway.

Once they were inside and the party was booming I think by then they were probably already beginning to wish that they had paid more attention to what their parents had said. I think after everything started to go down they wished they had never entered the haunted house on the hill as they were probably not going to get out ever under any circumstances.

But Drew did manage to get out that night but chose to return several years later with her husband. Her husband was an abusive person. Drew didn’t see any other way out of the situation. Sometimes life is very expensive.

the hensley mansion was an enthralling read that had me mesmerized with each twist and turn, page after page. While I was reading the hensley mansion I could see it all in my head like a movie. The whole time I was reading it I kept thinking that the hensley mansion was like the Escape Room, Supernatural and Nancy Drew all rolled into one. As each scene played out I would be reminded of one of these shows. I loved reading Nancy Drew growing up even more so with my name being Nancy too. I love a good mystery and a ghost story all in one.

the hensley mansion had plenty of twists and turns to keep you hooked from one page to another. There were some very surprising twists that I never saw coming, some of those twists left me flabbergasted. I can’t wait to check out more of Judith Holstrom’s books. I would love to read more stories about the hensley mansion and about others who visited the mansion before Drew and her friends or about the original owners.

I highly recommend the hensley mansion to all fans of ghost and haunted house stories. One-click your copy of the hensley mansion today to begin this ghostly adventure!

Judith Holstrom is a full time author writing in the genre of mystery & thriller crime as well as horror. Both genre's is her favorite to read and to watch as a viewer.
She has a very dangerous relationship with serial killers and can name them the way some people can name the presidents of the united states.
She has always been fascinated with the crime channel, binge watch it like some viewers binge watch their favorite series and horror isn't far behind her love for mystery and thrillers.

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