Sunday, February 28, 2021

Review: Lost Girl (Leeth Ascending #1) by L.J. Kendall @LukeJKendall

Lost Girl

Leeth Ascending #1

by L.J. Kendall

Published: February 28, 2021

Publisher: L. J. Kendall

Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, Cyberpunk


Alone. Lost.

Pulled from chill waters with not a single memory of herself, she can't tell her rescuer that someone's trying to kill her - nor that it would be far worse if they captured her. Because she doesn't remember.

Why though was Mason Dane in New Francisco Bay in the middle of the night? Was it entirely by luck that he lifted her from its cold embrace? Who is he? Can she trust him?

Can she trust herself? With her odd behaviors, her strange abilities... is she even human?

It's 2063, decades after magic's return. Hunted and on the run, it's not the shadowy Department she should fear: it's those who stole her memories.

That inner void however, that emptiness, has drawn the attention of uncanny forces.

For humanity, the risk is Freedom itself.

But for one lost girl - annihilation.

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My Review:

Mason Dane is out in New Francisco Bay one night when he pulls a girl from the cold water. Who this girl is Mason has no idea but neither does the girl. This girl has lost her memory. She has no idea who she is or why she is out in the cold, dark night, alone.

After her strange behavior, Mason begins to wonder if she is even human. Who is this girl? Why are there people looking for her? Who are these people that are looking for her? What do they want with her? Will Mason keep the girl a secret? Or will he give her up?

Can the girl remember who she is before she is caught? Is she safe even with Mason? Can she trust Mason? Who is Mason? What was he doing out on New Francisco Bay doing the middle of the night?

Lost Girl is a fast-paced read that had me hooked from the first page. Once I picked it up I couldn’t put it down until I had read the last page. Lost Girl pulled me into its depths wondering who this girl was. Wondering who was chasing her and why? Lost Girl opened with action on the first page and never lets up from beginning to end.

Lost Girl is a great introduction to a brand new series, Leeth Ascending. But the world and the characters from Lost Girl are not new. Lost Girl is like a spin-off from The Leeth Dossier series.

I highly recommend Lost Girl to all paranormal, fantasy, and science fiction fans. I would also like to suggest that you give The Leeth Dossier series a try as well. One-click your copy of the Lost Girl today to begin another great series with some awesome characters and great world-building!  


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