Sunday, February 21, 2021

Review: The Alchemist of Silver Hollow by Ashley McLeo @amcleowrites

The Alchemist of Silver Hollow

Magic of Arcana: Novella

by Ashley McLeo

Published: 2021

Publisher: Meraki Press

Genre: Paranormal, Romance, Witches, Magic, New Adult


Everyone swore that Silver Hollow would call Morgan LaVeau back one day.

She was determined to prove them wrong.

But as it turned out, they were right.

After her aunt dies, Morgan must take up the mantle of the Alchemist.

It’s a lifelong commitment that means returning to a place she vowed that she’d never call home again. As the town's protector, she'll defend Silver Hollow from evil trying to rip open the ley lines around the town.

And there will be no more hiding from Noah Eastey, the man she swore to avoid for the rest of her life.

The Alchemist of Silver Hollow is a new adult paranormal romance, featuring a quirky magical town, a wacky witching family, a dangerous adventure, and a love story that will make you swoon.


My Review:

Morgan LaVeau is on her way back home to Silver Hollow a place she swore she would never lay eyes on again but after the death of her aunt she no longer has a choice as she is to become the next Alchemist, the protector of the town.

Someone is trying to rip the lay lines apart. Morgan has sworn to protect the town with her life. Upon Morgan’s arrival, she soon finds that the town’s wards have been compromised. Morgan is having a hard time finding what she needs for a spell to reestablish the lay lines. Morgan is becoming real suspicious when she learns that the ingredients she needs as been snatched up by one person.

It's like someone knew she was coming and what she would do and need to protect the town. Is some after Morgan? Is someone trying to take over the town? Or is someone only after Morgan’s new job as the Alchemist? How did they know what she would need for her spell to work? So many questions that only by reading The Alchemist of Silver Hollow can the answers be found.

The Alchemist of Silver Hollow is filled with suspicion from the first page. The Alchemist of Silver Hollow is an enthralling magical read that had my attention from the first page wondering what Silver Hollow was like and the people who lived there if Morgan didn’t want to return. What secrets stood behind the walls or should I say the lay lines of Silver Hollow?

The Alchemist of Silver Hollow is a great fun little read that I would recommend to all fans of fantasy, magic, and witches.