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Virtual Book Tour + #Giveaway: Communicating Through Change by Alicia Sedgwick @RABTBookTours @AuthorParul

Self-change, Self-empowerment, New Thinking, Communications Skills, Change Management, Conscious Living

Date Published: January 2021

Publisher: Growth Media AI, USA

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This life-changing book will show you how to communicate through major changes in your life and to best express yourself when you need to be heard. It is packed with real-life stories, practical exercises, insightful tips and uplifting affirmations. Addressing relevant challenges, which everyone meets at one time in their life, this book will give you hope, resilience and clarity about how to move forward. By sharing her vulnerability with authentic openness, the author helps you to find your inner strength and to speak up for yourself.

Change Challenges

The one thing we can be sure of – in this life – is that there will be change.”

This is a truth I have never wanted, or liked and yet my life has been full of it. In this collection of chapters of my personal experiences, specifically related to change, I hope you will learn from my experiences to deal with your own and to be able to also share your story. As you dip in and out of the chapters, you may feel that the experience is not relevant to you right now. However, I trust when you return to the book, a certain story will be highly pertinent for you in that moment.

A dear friend reminded me recently how I had agonised about changing my job from one legal partnership to another; spending hours deliberating on the decision; and talking and talking about it! I have always found it difficult to let anyone, or anything go. But I have had to learn to deal with change in my life and to adopt a different approach, which is what I share with you in this book. I provide you with my life learnings about managing and communicating through each change and challenge that life throws at us all, so you can benefit from the best result for you, each time.

Wherever you are in your life, this book provides you with an insight into my life; sharing with you what I have learned and showing you how you can deal with your experiences of change, coming through them with strength and courage. It provides you with practical guidance and applicable exercises to enable you to take conscious actions that will help you communicate your way through a variety of different changes. While the chapters can be read in isolation, the exercises can be applied to more than one change challenge. This book will also help you to understand that you are not alone and whenever you face these challenges, there is support from the insight shared here. Plus, the opportunity to belong to Team Alicia, a supportive group of like-minded people where you are free to be yourself without inhibition, worry, anxiety or fear. Where you will not be judged; you will be nurtured and cared for and what is said and shared in Team Alicia, stays in Team Alicia!

Interview with Alicia Sedgwick

What was the hardest scene from your book to write?

It was all hard at first to write as it was so very personal, and deeply rooted in my psyche, but I think one of the most painful chapters was the one where I write about abuse from a family member. Having to recall that and re-live it to write about it was very hard, but healing after I had expressed it. I knew that I had to write about my vulnerability in order to help people, and show that there is strength in communicating that.

Why did you choose to write in your particular field or genre?

I wanted to provide deep help to people in their communication, and give them a voice to be able to express themselves, and communicate their way through the change experiences I write about, which they will go through, or will have gone through, or know someone who will.

If you write in more than one genre, how do you balance them?

I do not write in more genre's. I have created, as one of my book reviewers mentions, a new genre – self change.

What did you enjoy most about writing this book?

I knew that my book would help people all over the world, and that it was timely, and relevant for now, and that delighted me as the whole purpose is to give tremendous help and support to people going through profound changes in their lives.

What book that you have read has most influenced your life?

I think “The Catcher in the Rye” by J.D Salinger had a profounf effect on me as my brother died when he was 18, and I was 15, and I could so relate to the writing, and Holden Caulfield.

Tell us a little about yourself? Perhaps something not many people know?

I think my book “Communicating Through Change” tells everything about me, which not everyone knew, even those closest to me!

Can you tell us something about your book that is not in the summary?

In the process of writing it, I realised that even my spouse was not aware of some of the trauma I have experienced in my life, and close family, so the book was a really revealing exposure of me, and cathartic for me to write.

About The Author

Alicia Sedgwick began her career as a lawyer, specialising in family law. This was her first step in helping people who were experiencing difficult changes in their lives. When she moved to the South of France, she began working in radio, as well as in event management, taking care of talent and celebrities. She also created her own internet television show, Asking Alicia, to help families dealing with impactful issues and the profound changes those challenges brought with them.

Alicia began teaching at the International University of Monaco, in Public Speaking and Presentation Skills, Leadership and Managing People. Her communications courses are based on her belief that when you can communicate effectively and with impact, you will be successful in your professional and personal relationships. Soon, her training was extended to the International School of Monaco, and for businesses, individuals, associations and corporations. She is currently helping people to be brilliant online, where communications are so focused in this Covid climate.

Alicia is also a professional MC for events, such as TEDxMonteCarlo, where she brings her individual talent of making everyone feel embraced, included and involved, with humour and empathy.

Hailed as The Communications Guru by her global followers, Alicia specialises in training and coaching for all age groups and backgrounds. She develops her international student’s communications skills and builds their confidence, as well as empowering, motivating and inspiring them. She also helps people navigate their way through the challenges that life throws at us, with the backing and support of Team Alicia, which she created for her students as a place where they can go to feel cared for and nurtured.

This book is her opportunity to share more of herself and tell her story to help more people with their lives. She knows from her life experiences that when we share our story and communicate effectively through change, we can be stronger people and make a more significant contribution in the world.

Contact The Author

Please contact me via my website, as below and let me know which experiences of change you have embraced and how the chapters about those challenges have helped you the most. Please share your experiences with me and how you have used the communication exercises to support you. I am always delighted to receive your feedback and comments, and to welcome more change communicators into Team Alicia.

Also, please contact me for personal coaching and training in communications, and for your company, foundation, association and organisation.




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