Friday, February 26, 2021

Review: Stealing Maid Marian's Heart by Ashley McLeo @amcleowrites

 Stealing Maid Marion’s Heart

by Ashley McLeo

Published: February 26, 2021

Publisher: Meraki Pres

Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, New Adult


Is a love written in the stars too much to ask for?

It is. Believe me. I had that kind of love and it crumbled to dust.

Robin ruined love for me. Him and his thieving ways.

So now I just . . . am. I go to work and help with the children at the orphanage, my favorite part of my week. Sometimes I date, but never seriously. At least that’s the case until the fox-shifter devil who broke my heart comes back to town, digging up the past and bringing current issues to my attention. The orphanage for shifters where we grew up, our childhood home, is in trouble.

Robin wants to save the orphanage and he wants me to help him.

By robbing a blasted vampire’s casino.

I agree but swear to myself that I’ll keep my distance. I’m already compromising my morals.

I don’t want my heart to follow.

Stealing Maid Marian’s Heart is a fox-shifter romance with the adrenaline rush of a Vegas heist. It is a standalone novella in Ashley McLeo’s Magic of Arcana Universe.

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My Review:

Stealing Maid Marian's Heart is a re-telling of Robin Hood. Marion works in a hotel in Las Vegas and volunteers at the orphanage she grew up in after her parents were murdered. Marian grew up with Robin at the orphanage. Once upon a time Robin and Marian had a thing going until Robin broke Marian’s heart. Poor Marian has tried over the years to put Robin behind her but her poor heart will not allow her to do so.

The orphanage, where Marian and Robin grew up, is in real big trouble. Robin is back in town to save it and wants Marian's help to do it by robing the vampire casino. Marian is not up to helping Robin especially stealing until he gives her some information about her past that involves her parent's murder. Not knowing what else she can do to save the orphanage Marian decides to help Robin rob the casino.

Robin seeks the help of his Merry men and women to help them rob the vampire casino. But things don’t go quite as they had planned with the robbery that could put all their lives in danger more than they already are.

I enjoyed reading this re-telling of Robin Hood. But I have enjoyed every book I have ever read by Ashley McLeo. Ashley’s writing just gets better and better with each story I read. Once I pick up a book that she has written I can’t put it down again until I have read the last page and I will have to say that Stealing Maid Marian's Heart is no different.

As always with one of Ashley’s books, I highly recommend Stealing Maid Marian's Heart to one and all! One-click your copy of Stealing Maid Marian's Heart today to begin this awesome re-telling today!

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