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Review Tour + #Giveaway: Deathless by Evan S Sullivan @GoddessFish



by Evan S Sullivan

GENRE: FICTION / Fantasy / Dark Fantasy


The throne is bloodied. The city is empty. The kingdom beyond is dead and quiet.
A peasant thief creeps forth from where she has been hiding, bitter and determined to survive.

A young nobleman sets out, with plots and secrets as his armor, to save what is left of his family.

A holy knight burdened by failure descends from the mountains to defend the realm.

And all across this land so dark and full of nightmares, monstrous things watch from the shadows.



What have we here?” a voice cackled.

Odenica spun on the spot, and raised her shard of iron against the figure who emerged from the shadows.

Hestia came forward with a hobble in her step, and an ugly grin upon her lips. Her hair was greyed in places and unevenly tended, and there was a foul glee in her eye that Odenica had always hated. Her skin hung loosely in places, and she held a proper dagger in her grip— from whom she had stolen the thing, Odenica could not have guessed. “A good day for a nice long stroll,” the woman remarked. Her gaze darted to the sack slung under Talrien’s arm. “What’ve you got there?”

Go away, Hestia,” Odenica warned. “I’ve no patience for your games.” She refused to step back as Hestia came forward. Talrien raised her stick.

I need no games when I’m armed and you carry a spit of iron,” Hestia countered. “You have something, and I want it. Such is the way of the world, now.”

Odenica glanced around, but could see no one else hiding in wait. “You’ll not steal from me again,” she bit. “Touch me, and I’ll kill you.”

Go away,” Talrien snapped.

Hestia looked to Talrien, and smiled anew, showing sharp and yellow teeth. “Don’t be stupid, girl,” she cackled. “I’ll stick you after I’m done with your sister, unless you hand that bag over right now.”

Odenica glared. “Touch my sister and I’ll kill you slowly,” she promised. “Where is your reinforcement? There must be someone, hiding somewhere. A cretin like you would never brave the streets alone by day. Or have you grown simple, with the city now so quiet?”

An instant later, there was a bellow as a stout man burst lumbering forth from the building across the narrow street. Hestia lunged with a cry.

Talrien rushed forward, and knocked the man’s legs out from under him in a single swipe of her stick. Odenica ducked away from Hestia’s blade, and stabbed out in retaliation. The iron nicked Hestia’s arm, and she cried out and recoiled. She stumbled in her retreat, and cowered as though hoping that the cobblestones would open up to swallow her. The man on the ground fell motionless as Talrien knocked him across the head.

Back!” Hestia cried, flailing her dagger as she scrambled away. “Get back, I say! Help! Someone, help! This street rat is attacking me!” She backed into a corner and held her blade pointed, trembling where she sat.

My Review:

Deathless is told from a diverse set of characters’ points of view as each of them embarks on their own separate journeys. Each character is unique in their own way.

Just to name a few of those wonderfully unique characters.

  • Odenica is a homeless thief.

  • Talrien is Odenica’s sister.

  • Romaerus was born of high nobility.

  • Taevun is a criminal.

  • Bya is a cousin of Romaerus.

Talrien meets Romaerus and Bya after she is beaten and left in the middle of the street all alone after she and Odenica go their separate ways. Romaerus and Bya help Talrien out of the street and sort of taking her under their wing so to speak. Romaerus wanted to leave her lying there in the middle of the street but Bya would not hear of it. She had to save her.

Deathless is like an apocalyptic world where food and other supplies are very hard to come by for the lower class. Nothing really belongs to anyone I guess you could say. One person is out scavenging for food and other supplies but the thing is unless you are on your toes and stronger than the next person then someone is more than likely going to come along and take everything you have away from you.

Deathless is a very dark and cruel world filled with the most notorious characters. But I do see them as just trying to survive the only way they know how for their time and world.

Once you pick up Deathless you will not want to lay it down until that last page is read leaving you with no choice at this point. The characters draw you into their stories from the beginning seeking their claws in taking you for a ride right into their world of darkness and despair.

Deathless was well written and very descriptive making it so easy to picture the world and the characters in all their glory as if you were right there with them. It all seemed so real and it felt like I was watching a movie instead of reading a book.

I would recommend Deathless to anyone who likes dark and evil worlds or fantasy stories. One-click your copy of Deathless and enter this dark fantasy world today for a thrilling ride!

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Evan S. Sullivan is the author of a whole bunch of unfinished books that he hopes you will get to read some day. He lives in Ontario, Canada, with his (finally) fiancé, their very good dog, and their very just fine cat. Evan teaches university writing courses, and in his free time he plays the piano, replays his favorite videogames, and continues his 10-year wait for the next installment in his favorite book series to come out. He looks forward to traveling again soon and deciding which project to stress over for the next many years now that this one is finished.









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Sherry said...

Looks like a very interesting book.

Evan S. Sullivan said...

Thanks you so much for hosting Deathless! I'll be checking in throughout the day to connect with any interested readers

Anonymous said...

An excellent read for fantasy fans~ I look forward to reading more from the author.

Stormy Vixen said...

I enjoyed the excerpt and Deathless sounds like a fantastic book for me! Thanks for sharing it with me! Thanks Avid Reader for sharing your great review! Have a magical holiday season!

Rita Wray said...

Thank you for the excerpt.

Anonymous said...

This is the second book I've read by this upcoming author. (novella, Starless) enjoyed both very much, I found myself right there with his characters. Looking forward to more from him.

susan1215 said...

Sounds like a good book. I like the cover.