Friday, November 26, 2021

Review: Dragon Crown by Ashley McLeo & Kelly N. Jane @amcleowrites @Kellynjanebooks

Dragon Crown

The Royal Quest #5

by Ashley McLeo & Kelly N. Jane

Published: November 26, 2021

Publisher: Meraki Press

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult


A secret exposed. A world in chaos. A crown in jeopardy.

Violet is a target, and Rone’s family is shattered.

The enemy is poised to release a dark evil that would destroy Draessonia.

They must prevent the danger before the entire realm is in ruins.

As war looms, Violet speeds to discover more about how she’s connected to the dragon homeland and Rone fights to restore his crown. Their efforts will either transform their world, or lead to more devastation.

Dragon Crown is a dragon shifter epic fantasy adventure novel. If you like loads of action, a slow-burn romance, and fated mates who will steal your heart, you’ll love Dragon Crown.

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My Review:

Rone’s sister Raisa is missing. No one knows where she is. Rone has vowed to find his sister and bring her home no matter what he has to do to make that happen. He will find whoever took her and make them pay.

Not only is Rone having to worry about his sister and her safety he is also having to worry about his title as the king. The crown is about to be taken from him and he must fight to keep it. Rone and Violet have been charged with kidnapping the baby dragons and now must prove themselves innocent.

Violet is looking for more info on her ancestors but without any luck. So when an opportunity arises for her to find out more about where she came from and who she is she jumps on board real quick-like. When Violet made this decision I was like no as I believed she was being tricked.

Violet has a secret and she is tricked out of her secret as the person who tricked her knew the one thing he could use against her to get her to reveal her secret. There is one thing you can say about this person, he does his homework and he does it well at that.

A trail is being held for mages as the new king is going to need a mage he can trust to keep him safe. He is going to need a strong, powerful mage with strong magic.

Dragon Crown is a fast-paced read that had me hooked from the first page. It is paced with magic and action that never lets up. It will pull you into its world deeper and deeper until you are lost in its world.

You can see each and every scene being played out as if you are right there. The descriptions are so vivid I could picture in my head how each character was dressed. I could see the arena where the mage trials were being held. I could see the room or place where Raisa was being held.

The more I read in this world the more I love it. I can’t seem to get enough of it. I can’t wait for the next book, Dragon War set to be released on January 22, 2022.

As always I highly recommend Dragon Crown to all fans of magic, dragons, Shifters, kings, queens, trials, soulmates, and love. I also recommend that you one-click your copy of Dragon Crown today for another great adventure in The Royal Quest world! I do recommend starting with book one Dragon Prince. 

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