Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Review: Revenge (City of Kaus #1) by Dani Hoots @danihootsauthor


City of Kaus #1

by Dani Hoots

Published: November 16, 2021

Publisher: FoxTales Press

Genre: Dystopian, Crime, Mystery, Science Fiction, Steampunk, LGBQT+


A swashbuckling upper YA/NA LGBTQ+ sci-fi western you don't want to miss!

It has been three years since Elvira "Ellie" Ryder was betrayed by her ex-boyfriend Cor, which caused the destruction of her people by invaders from a different Zone. Now she will do anything to find him and make him pay.

Ellie has found someone who knows where Cor is. The price—assassinate a half-human, half-Sirian who is trying to join the Society, a high-class club only for the rich. Ellie takes the job, as it wouldn’t be the first assassination job she has taken, and heads to the Human Zone. However, when she learns more about her target, the more she realizes what is going on behind the curtain, and how her people were really destroyed.

Will Ellie be able to forgive Cor after learning the truth? Or will she forever hold on to that hatred?

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My Review:

Revenge is the first book in Dani Hoots’ new series, City of Kaus and it is set in the old west. Revenge is a very engaging read that kept my attention from beginning to end. The descriptions were so magnificent and vividly written to where each and every word just exploded right off the page and right into my mind making it so easy to see each and every magical scene as it was playing out. I felt as if I had taken a step back in time to a wonderful and magical place with some great and amazing characters.

And speaking of characters, the first one up is Ellie. Revenge is Ellie’s story or that is my take. A few years ago Ellie was betrayed by her ex-boyfriend, Cor, and her home was destroyed in the process. Ellie has vowed to get revenge for herself and her people.

Ellie finds someone who knows where Cor but it will cost her. Ellie’s payment for this information is assassination. She is given the task of killing a half-human, half-Sirian. Ellie has no problem with this as she has committed many, many crimes before and she has taken on an assassination or two before.

The next character up is Zack. Zack and Ellie have been friends for most of their lives. Wherever Ellie goes Zack goes so to speak. Zack is right there beside Ellie in everything she does. Zack is Ellie’s right-hand man and would do anything to protect her and keep her safe. Zack and Ellie have been committing crimes together for a very long time.

Revenge reminded me of that TV show Defiance with all the different alien species. Aliens and humans are sharing the Earth but neither species likes the other and there is always a fight brewing just waiting to explode. The Wild Wild West meets Defiance in Dani Hoots’ brand new series City of Kaus which I would highly recommend for any science fiction, alien, or western fan. One-click your copy of Revenge today and step back in time!

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