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Excerpt Tour + #Giveaway: The Manual for Letting Go by Dr. Eman Yasin @GoddessFish

The Manual for Letting Go

by Dr. Eman Yasin

GENRE: Non-fiction, Self-help, Self-improvement


We all have undesired addictions we want to let go of. We try and try, but end up failing again and again. But what if the only reason we are going in endless circles of failure is the method we use to let go? Imagine you have access to an effective manual full of mental and practical exercises, the manual that's gonna help you get rid of your bad habits. Who says we don't have one? Now we do . . .

It's the book that changes the chemical reactions in your brain by reprogramming it. It will cause you to let go of whatever harms you spontaneously, just like taking a course of medicine to let you eventually quit your bad habits effortlessly, and, most importantly, enjoyably. It works very effectively, as this book contains a real story for a specific method with defined exercises and calculated steps. The method has been applied to several people, and it cured them completely.

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For nearly all of us, regardless of the type of addiction, in the addiction circle we are controlled by our obsession. This started when we relied on our addiction more than we relied on ourselves and began to use the addiction to compensate for our feelings of imperfection. Since that time, we started connecting the addiction to our lovely moments, and when we began trying to get rid ourselves of this bad habit, the one that is connected to every single detail of our lives, we failed.

We failed because we don’t know the correct way. We had no solid background or knowledge about many things, and our ignorance broke all our attempts. Imagine that you are trying to drive your car without prior knowledge of how to drive a car.

Imagine you are learning by trial-and-error. You might press the fuel pedal to stop the vehicle, or you could use the car’s signal lights to try to stop it, but you may not survive long enough to figure out how to use the tools correctly or learn how to drive.

Trying is a great way of learning, but not all the time and not when it comes to matters that might affect you badly or factors that are potentially deadly. It is similar for smokers: going through the quitting process without prior knowledge or planning results in failure. The problem here is not failing itself. It is good that a person consistently tries to reach his goal. The problem lies in the fact that every failed attempt emphasizes the feeling of imperfection for the addicted person and adds to his feelings a strong burden of being unable to quit. So, he comes back to it and keeps consistently rotating in the circle of addiction, which makes him feel desperate, and he consequently stops trying. And at that point, he feels like he is not going to be able to quit without experiencing a miracle.

On the Other hand… It Was Not a Miracle

Recalling those awful moments makes me more grateful for God that these days are gone with the wind forever. I am thrilled that I could break the addiction’s prison bars, but how? What happened? What has changed inside of me? What changed me from being a slave for the cigarettes to a free human being, even though I used to feel that it was impossible? The strange thing is, I don’t currently see it as being as hard as I used to think it would be, and I don’t believe that quitting reaches the level of being a miracle. A miracle means that something really hard or impossible has happened, but what happened was easy, actually, very easy. My first three attempts were unsuccessful, but my fourth attempt, which was completely different from the others, was uniquely successful.

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Eman Yasin was born and raised in Amman, Jordan. She is the founder of the "smoker's friendship" technique, which helps smokers quit smoothly and happily. She is also the writer of the smoker's friend Arabic book, which was adopted by the Tobacco Control Club in WISE University, which is part of the Jordanian Universities Association, to combat smoking. Her career was built on a solid knowledge of self-development, project management (a valid PMP professional Project Manager since 2004), training, and professor assistance.

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