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Excerpt Tour + #Giveaway: Awakening with Angels: Are You Awakening Yet? by My Lynn Ho @GoddessFish

  Awakening With Angels Awakening With Angels: Are You Awakening Yet?

By My Lynn Ho

GENRE: Non-fiction, Self-help


By Awakening with Angels, I attained true simplicity and harmony in my complex world.

With guidance from Angels, you can find simple happiness to balance your body, mind and spirit. A happy soul is a free spirit, and it's contagious.

Ask your Guidance Angel for guidance in your daily life even for the simplest tasks. The Angels would be delighted to assist.

Have you ever seen any of these Angels' numbers in your daily life: 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 777, 911, 1010, 1111, 1212?

There are spiritual clues everywhere on your journey. For instance, finding coins or dollar bills on the street – it's not pure luck but a spiritual sign.

You're not alone; your Guidance Angel is with you all along.

Love lessons are meant for the soul to learn, to strengthen the soul. Ask your Guidance Angel for guidance with your love life.

There are miracles happening every day. Pray and ask your Guidance Angel for guidance.


Some of the dreams and visions that I experienced were related to my family and my loved ones. There was this beautiful dream by the oceanside coastline. It happened during the night, when there was a light breeze with bright light shining down from the grey sky on the ocean waves. I was with my mother and my younger brother by the ocean. With my third eye, I saw the ocean was completely filled up to the surface with fish. My younger brother and I, we were standing on the dock facing the ocean with buckets in our hands as we waited for our mother to scoop the fish out from the ocean with her giant holy hands. My mother was standing with half her body under the water in the ocean. She looked like the ocean Mother Goddess. It was magical. A fantasy fish paradise. My younger brother and I, we couldn’t manage with all the fish on the dock. Then, I noticed from my third eye, fish became books in the ocean. The ocean waves became wavy walls of wet books floating on the surface. The ocean looked like a floating library of books in the night. It was surreal to witness the remarkable dream from my third eye. The dream was mesmerizing and truly beautiful.

Each night it has become a norm that dreams and visions are download into my mind to awaken my mind inside the dream to experience the process of spiritual growth. I feel overwhelmed with dreams nightly. It feels as though I am living in the spirit world each night. I embrace all dreams as a light. When I am dreaming, I am fully aware that I have control over what happens in the dreams. Even inside the dream, I am able to ask for help from my Guidance Angels. Therefore, I discovered that in the company of my Guidance Angels I can craft my own destiny, and I learned not to be afraid when dreaming or awake. With spiritual guidance, my mind brainstormed and analyzed the lucid dreams to understand their meanings and purposes. I learned that each dream has its important message and a reason behind it to guide me. The occurrence of the lucid dreams empowered my mind to think beyond boundaries with the spirit world.

Communicating through dreams is another form of Angelic communication from the Angels. Therefore, when you experience dreams, please pay attention, and I recommend noting down the details once you wake up. I felt blessed and Divinely guided to have lucid dreams and visions that foretell my future. During my regular day when I am not dreaming, I sometimes see other spiritual signs and especially Angel numbers as my Guidance Angels constantly communicate. Every day and night, as my spiritual growth expands with dreams and visons at night, I feel closer to my Guidance Angels. I feel a Divine shield. Knowing that I am spiritually guided and awakening through lucid dreams and visions nightly makes every day feel sacred.

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My Lynn Ho was born in Vietnam, grew up in Quebec City, and now lives in Ontario, Canada. With Divine timing, My Lynn's soul was guided to Awakening with Angels as her life was unfolding. In her book, My Lynn shares stories about her spiritual experiences with the Angels. She hopes to bring light and peace to you and your family. My Lynn chats with her best friends – her Guidance Angels – every day.

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Great cover and excerpt.

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Thank you for hosting Awakening With Angels. God bless!

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Thanks Sherry!