Monday, November 29, 2021

Review: Little Horrors: Vol.2 by Steven Jenkins @Author_Jenkins

Little Horrors

8 Twisted Short Stories: Vol.2

by Steven Jenkins

Published: November 8, 2021

Publisher: Different Cloud Publishing

Genre: Horror, Anthologies, Short Stories


There’s a monster in my bedroom.”

Clare is locked away in her late-granddad's house. Miles from civilization. Thirty days of solitude to finish her novel. She is not alone.

Sam has found the cure for obesity, but like all miracles, there's a heavy price to pay.

Ex-addict, John, wears The Collar with pride. A steel ring fixed around his neck for twelve months. One sip of alcohol, and a deadly poison is released.

Family means everything to Adrian. But when his dead in-laws refuse to stay in the ground, his patience wears thin.

For young Daniel, sleep is impossible, especially when he shares his bedroom with a bloodsucking vampire.

Follow these lives and many more in another terrifying horror collection from Steven Jenkins.


 My Review:

8 of the most horrifying tales.

Little Horrors Vol.2 has a little something for every horror fan.

Little Horror Vol.2 has a variety of different types of monsters.

Some are dark and sinister.

Some are eerie and spooky.

All are horrifying, each in their own way.

The twists never stop coming.

Little Horrors: Vol.2 will pull you into its terrifying world from the first page and won’t let go even after the last page is read.

One-click your copy of Little Horrors: Vol.2 today for a scary good time!

Tale #1 Mr. Shadow:

A little boy has a monster that follows him around where ever he goes.

A most horrifying tale.

A dark and sinister tale.

Tale #2 The In-laws:

The world has been hit with a deadly virus.

A new take on the zombie virus.

A twist I never saw coming.

Tale #3 Grace:

There are monsters living in a child’s room.

Her parents don’t believe her.

Until they do of course.

Tale #4 The Chair:

After the death of their grandfather, two sisters visit his home to get it ready to put on the market.

One sister has a horrifying night.

An eerie and spooky tale that will have you screaming as if you are a part of the story.

Tale #5 The Collar:

A new horrifying twist on how to overcome addiction…

A twist that could be deadly…

Tale #6 Burn in Hell, Roy Preston:

A cop saves two children from a very bad man.

There were a couple of very huge twists that were very shocking and surprising.

Two very amazing twists that I enjoyed tremendously.

Tale #7 The Trail:

A tale of a woman with low self-esteem and no confidence in herself.

Always on the lookout for something to feed the dark energy inside of her.

A monster lived inside her just waiting for an exit.

Another horrifying and shocking tale.

Tale #8 Slim to Win

A tale of how one man overcame low self-esteem.

A tale of a selfish woman and how life can take a turn for the worse.

A tale of being careful with what you wish for. It just may come back and bite you when you least expect it.  

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