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Review: Eden Falling (The Dark Sanctuary #2) by Shade Owens @ShadeOwens

 Eden Falling

The Dark Sanctuary #2

by Shade Owens

Published: August 2, 2022

Publisher: Red Raven Publishing

Genre: Dystopian, Political Thrillers, Suspense


Six years ago, modern civilization perished in America’s deadliest gender war.

Now, despite her frail mental state, extremist feminist leader Eve Malum continues to rule over Eden, a society of women governed by one rule: men are forbidden from entering.

But with resources becoming scarce and space limited, Eve is forced to make a difficult decision—allow her paradise to crumble, or break her own rule by trusting a man who promises survival.

Eden Falling, the second book of The Dark Sanctuary series, takes a leap into the psychological thriller genre, continuing where the first book left off—at the birth of a new beginning.

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My Review:

Eden Falling is the second book in The Dark Sanctuary series by Shade Owens. Eden Falling picks up where Eden Rising leaves off. When I read the summary for Eden Rising I knew right away that I had to read it and I couldn’t wait to dive into the next book Eden Falling.

I fell in love with The Dark Sanctuary, its world, and its characters with the first book Eden Rising. I must say that the second book Eden Falling was just as good if not better in some ways. Each book is so unique in its own way.

I loved Eden Rising as it had one of the greatest introductions to a new world I believe I have ever read. I don’t believe I have ever read anything like it before. I mean it did have similarities to other books that I have read but it had its own uniqueness and twist to it. I love Eden Falling for its world-building and all its great characters. Like Eden Rising, Eden Falling is also told from more than one point of view.

In Eden Rising, we learned how the world fell apart and how divided it was. Women outnumbered men 7-1. Men were becoming more and more dangerous to women day by day. Then one day the women decided they had had enough and fought back causing a division between men and women.

Women went out on their own to start their lives over without men. One woman stood up against all the men causing an uprising against them. This woman took these women to a new world, a new Eden. She made a safe place for the women to live. They only have one rule, no men are allowed entry into their new home.

In Eden Falling, a man saves some of their women from the men and brings them back to their compound safely. The women did not trust this man. No one wanted to let him in. They did not believe that any man could be good. They believed all men to be evil.

The little home that the women made for themselves is becoming too small to house all the women and children that they have taken in over the years and now they need a new place. This man knows where a better and safer place is that they can move to but the women do not trust him.

Eve is not sure if she should trust this man either but at this time she is not sure if they have a choice as sooner or later the men are going to find out where they are and if they do everything could go back to the way it was before the uprising. Eve knows she is going to have to trust this man for the safety of the women and children. But first, she must convince the women to trust him. 

Can Eve convince the women to trust a man again? Will they make it to this new safe haven? Does it even exist? Can the women trust this man? Is he any different than all the other men?

I highly recommend Eden Falling to all dystopian fans! One-click your copy of Eden Falling today!

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