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Review: BattleFront (Chronicles of Rondure #2) by TC Marti


Chronicles of Rondure #2

by TC Marti

Published: January 29, 2024

Publisher: Phoenix Rising

Genre: Fantasy, Magic, Sword & Sorcery, Dystopia, Science Fiction, Military Fantasy


A Civil War Has Erupted, But A Nuclear World War is Brewing

I thought we only needed to deal with the Nation of Bastille…

Yet I was wrong. Bastille labeled our uprising as something more sinister than we could ever imagine

According to Bastille brass, we’re assets of the notorious regional power of the Northwest, the Nation of Gelida.

The same Bastille brass who spent three decades funding and building military bases in their client state of Ragland. Inching closer to Gelida’s border, daring its leaders to draw a red line and retaliate.

Back home, the Bastille Military is imprisoning or killing every man and woman even suspected of being linked to the Insurrexxion. And they will overrun entire cities if it means destroying its two most wanted souls: Me and my twin sister, whom I was born to protect with my life.

BattleFront is Book II in the Chronicles of Rondure Series. This military science fantasy leans into apocalyptic territory rich in elemental magic and genre fusion. If you like strong female characters and epic battle scenes with suspense and metaphysical elements, BattleFront is for you.

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My Review:

BattleFront is the second book in the Chronicles of Rondure Series by TC Marti. BattleFront was just as exciting to read as the first book Civil War was. I was pulled into BattleFront the moment I read the first word.

The magic and the world that was created for BattleFront are so very magical, to say the least. My favorite parts were the battle scenes. I loved it when they were using their magic. I loved seeing their magic flow out of them. The battle scenes were epic.

The descriptions made it so easy for me to picture what was happening in my head. I could see Amiya when she and Asuka were training with their swords. I could see their magic flow out of their swords as if it was a part of them which of course it is. I would sorely love to see BattleFront on the big screen. Now that would be so awesome.

A Civil War is already happening. A Nuclear World War is on the horizon. The Bastille Military is imprisoning or killing every man and woman even suspected of being linked to the Insurrexxion.

The Bastille Military is looking for Amiya and her twin sister, Asuka. They are determined to find them no matter what the cost. Amiya will do whatever it takes to keep her sister safe.

BattleFront was a very intense read that kept me glued to my seat as I watched it all unfold right before my eyes. I can’t wait to read more in this world. I can’t wait to see what is to come on the battlefront.

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