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Review Tour + #Giveaway: The Secret Cottage by Kate Ellington @GoddessFish

The Secret Cottage

by Kate Ellington

GENRE: Historical Romance


Isabel Tate yearns for the simple pleasures she took for granted before scandal rocked her family two years ago. On May Day, she's determined to forget her troubles and enjoy herself at the Claremont family's annual festival.

Meanwhile, Robert Claremont steels himself to begin courting the haughty heiress next door, but his bashfulness is only one obstacle to winning her hand. Despite a deep sense of family obligation, he dreams of choosing his own bride.

Captivated by each other from the moment they meet, Robert and Isabel are kept apart by a misunderstanding until a chance encounter leads to friendship and more.

With opposition on all sides, they must overcome inconceivable odds to claim happiness.

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When Robert reached the manor he crossed the echoing great hall and mounted the curved staircase to the second floor. He strolled through the long gallery under the painted eyes of the many Claremonts who had lived here before him. Thornwood Manor had been home to Robert's family for generations. Originally a mere fortress, it had undergone countless changes over the centuries. At the end of the gallery Robert pushed aside a tapestry and followed the corridor leading to his father's rooms in the most ancient wing of the house. The dark stone walls and perpetual chill suited his father well.

Mr. Claremont didn't look up when Robert entered the room but remained sitting at his desk, reading a letter.

You wanted to see me, Father?” Robert prompted after some minutes.

His father tucked the letter into a drawer and removed his spectacles, fixing his gray eyes on Robert. With his dark hair, tall stature and rugged features there was no mistaking who Robert took after. His brother William had inherited the fair hair and almost unearthly beauty of their mother.

I've engaged an artist to paint your and William's portraits. He writes that he’ll arrive next week.”

Robert nodded. “I presume that's not all you summoned me here to tell me?

Mr. Claremont stood and walked to the fireplace, hands clasped behind his back. After gazing into the flames for a moment he turned to Robert. “Margery Penrose will be here today. I want you to win her.”

Win her? Surely she'll have some say in the matter."

My Review:

Robert Claremont and Isabel Tate meet and fall for each other. But their families will never let them marry each other. Robert’s parents have already picked out his bride for him and Isabel’s parents have picked her groom for her as well. Their parents try to keep the two apart but Robert and Isabel find a way to meet in secret.

The Secret Cottage tells the story of Robert and Isabel’s love for each other. A love that holds deep through time. When tragedy strikes Robert and Isabel are separated. Isabel has no choice but to move on with her life. Isabel holds a secret that Robert does not know of. But never fear as his friend Simon comes forward and steps in to take care of Isabel in his stead.

The Secret Cottage is a love story that will warm your heart but then it will break it too. The descriptions were well written pulling you in from the beginning with all its magic. The twists and turns kept me hanging and racing to the end. I was sort of surprised by that ending. I didn’t know what to think at first when I read it. I was like no way.

I would recommend The Secret Cottage to anyone looking for a great love story! Grab a copy of The Secret Cottage today!

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Kate grew up in a woodsy New England town where summer days at the lake seemed to last forever. She read her first historical romance at age eleven when a teacher challenged her to find a book in the library written by an author she’d never heard of. Thus began a life-long love of love stories.

After graduating from college with an art degree she settled in the Pacific Northwest, where she currently resides with her family.

Kate wrote her first romance when she was sixteen, then set her pen down for years until another story floated into her head out of the clear blue sky. She jotted it down, just for fun, but soon it took on a life of its own.

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