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Embark on a riveting journey through "Echoes of a Voice for Justice: The Story of Barry A. Murray," where Ms. Lambert artfully unveils the extraordinary life of a visionary entrepreneur and radical advocate for civil rights--weaving a narrative that resounds with the timeless pursuit of justice and leaves an indelible mark on American history and on the heart of reader.

Title: Echoes of a Voice for Justice: The Story of Barry A. Murray

Author: Anita Hackley Lambert

Publication Date: December 18, 2023

Pages: 296

Genre: Historical Biography

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Experience the extraordinary life of Barry Antonio Murray, an unwavering champion for the progressive Black movement of the post-Reconstruction era. Ms. Lambert masterfully tells the riveting tale of this unsung civil rights activist, influential publisher, and uncompromising editor in this historic biography. Uncovering a 50-year-old family secret, Ms. Lambert’s captivating narrative begins at her book's debut, where chance encounters forever altered her life. Delve into Barry Murray’s legacy, his ties to F.H.M. Murray, a civil rights trailblazer and the great-grandfather he never knew—yet, walked in his shoes. Readers gain insights into the nation’s racial divide and witness the heart-wrenching conclusion and his questionable sudden death. This captivating biography sheds light on Barry’s remarkable journey, celebrating his unwavering activism, pursuit of justice, and empowerment of the community. This saga intertwines history, personal struggles, and family secrets, leaving an indelible mark on readers, showcasing the indomitable spirit of one man’s triumphs and divine destiny.

“Barry was one of those Black people who was loyal to his belief in the need to sacrifice for full Black freedom. People like him often make great sacrifices but do not benefit from their sacrifices. He never got rewarded by the community for his service to the community – most never do. If we all lived as Barry did we would be free.” -- Wayne Young, Editor of Port of Harlem Magazine

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Echoes of a Divine Encounter

God blessed me, then set me up to bless me again. 

Call it an omen if you like. I know better. It was a clear demonstration of God's favor in my life, as He has always been present. In His infinite wisdom, the Holy Spirit sent a message to my spirit, assuring me that great things would transpire once my book, F.H.M. Murray: First Biography of a Forgotten Pioneer for Civil Justice was released. Little did I know how astonishingly accurate that message would prove to be. 

As a first-time author entering the arena of Pulitzer Prize-winning authors, the journey behind the creation of this book is remarkable in itself. Allow me to indulge in a few eventful affirmations leading to this book.

Revelation At Harpers Ferry

DAY 1. Over three remarkable days, I experienced an extraordinary blessing. The journey began with a captivating audience of history enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the scholarly presentation of my  book. Hosting the event was none other than the talented actor and orator, Fred Morsel, adding an extra layer of prestige to the occasion.

DAY 2. The second day brought an unforgettable collaboration as I joined forces with the esteemed Dr. Henry Lewis Gates. Together, he and our volunteer group embarked on a historical reenactment that transported us back in time, allowing us to breathe life into the past. The experience was nothing short of awe-inspiring.

DAY 3. As the event's third and final day unfolded, it delivered an exceptional finale that surpassed all expectations. Amidst a captivating photo shoot, I had the incredible honor of meeting the Pulitzer Prize-winning author and esteemed historian, David Levering Lewis. His approval of my book was a momentous validation, solidifying its significance in the literary world. Furthermore, I had the pleasure of engaging with readers and selling and signing copies of my book--an experience that felt like a dream come true for a first-time author.

But the wonders did not end there. On this very same day, I had the privilege of capturing memories alongside the illustrious Dr. DuBois Irving, the great-granddaughter of the legendary W.E.B. DuBois, as well as Reverend Walter Fauntroy. It was a surreal convergence of influential figures embodying the legacy and impact of the subject I had delved into within my book.

In retrospect, I realized how mistaken I was to believe that the day couldn't get any better. This trifecta of days had become the pinnacle of a first-time author's aspirations, a once-in-a-lifetime culmination of success, connections, and reflective experiences. It was an unforgettable chapter in my life, ever etched in my memory.

The true purpose behind our fateful meeting that day in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia became crystal clear, and its significance can never be underestimated. It felt as if the forces of destiny were at work, orchestrating every detail. Joan Anderson and her daughter Kelly had embarked on a journey with a singular objective in mind: to find me and engage in a discussion. Their presence was no mere coincidence; they sought me out with a determination reminiscent of an eagle's relentless pursuit of its prey.

As they made their way across the paved courtyard towards me, I immediately sensed an air of urgency and purpose. Joan, with a noticeable limp and relying on a cane for support, locked eyes with me. The tremor in her voice betrayed her emotional state as she began to speak. What she revealed next left me utterly stunned. "My son, Barry, has been a closely guarded family secret for half a century," she confessed. Her words hung heavy in the air. "He is none other than F.H.M. Murray's great-grandson. He shares a bloodline with you."

Sensing the watchful eyes of curious onlookers, Joan guided me away from the crowd, creating a cocoon of privacy amidst the bustling celebration. She revealed that other family members were in attendance, yet she chose to trust me, a stranger, with her most painful secret. As she spoke, her words carried a weight of sincere love and immeasurable loss. It was palpable how deeply she cherished her son and the devastation she felt in his absence. 

The burden she had carried for so long was finally lifted, and she entrusted it to me, a confidant she had only just met.

In that moment, the weight of generations converged, extraordinarily intertwining our lives. The revelation brought forth a deep sense of connection as if a hidden mystery of familial ties had been unveiled. Our encounter was far more than a chance meeting—it was a cosmic convergence guided by an unseen hand. It was as if the universe itself conspired to bring us together, weaving together our shared heritage and the legacy of our ancestors.

I sat in awe as Joan continued to unveil the depths of her long-held secret, her words flowing uninterrupted. It was as if she bore the weight of this revelation for years, and now she was resolute in her purpose. There was a certainty in her voice, an insightful understanding of the task before her. With a firm determination, she looked directly into my eyes as if she could anticipate my very thoughts.

You have been chosen," she declared, her gaze piercing into the depths of my soul, "to write Barry's story."

At that moment, the weight of responsibility and privilege intertwined. For over fifty years, the truth about Freeman Murray's audacious fight for African-Americans had remained buried, neglected by historians and authors who failed to uncover his significant contributions. Yet, she believed that I, and only I, possessed the ability to breathe life into Barry's legacy, to connect him to his Murray lineage, and to share his untold journey with the world. Joan was adamant, unyielding in her conviction that it was my divine purpose to write Barry's biography.

An inexplicable connection enveloped us instantaneously as if the threads of fate had bound our lives together across the ages. It felt as though I had stumbled upon the long-lost sister I had conjured in my childhood fantasies. Joan articulated that our bond symbolized her "freedom," a newfound purpose that propelled her forward. As I grappled with the weight of this extraordinary opportunity, I contemplated whether I dared embrace an encounter that would bind me by an unbreakable oath while simultaneously liberating her.

Though cognizant of the commitment that awaited me, I recognized it as a remarkable honor to undertake. The magnitude of this chance was too extraordinary to overlook. It held the promise of a cherished friendship, a sisterhood forged in the depths of shared secrets, a bond of cousinhood, and the revelation of a hidden familial legacy. Moreover, it presented an unparalleled opportunity to craft yet another captivating book, exceeding my wildest aspirations. The first book had merely set the stage, but this authorized biography, bestowed upon me like precious rubies, was a treasure of immeasurable worth. It came accompanied by invaluable documentation, slashing through the dense thicket of research and providing a shortcut to truth.

About the Author

Ms. Lambert, a distinguished genealogist, historian, and biographer, achieved historical acclaim with her inaugural book, praised by luminaries such as Pulitzer Prize-winner David Levering Lewis and historian Charles Patterson. As an unrivaled familial authority, she penned insightful biographies of visionary businessmen and civil rights champions F.H.M. Murray and Barry A. Murray. Nestled in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia with her husband, Ms. Lambert continues her literary journey, poised to add two more captivating biographies and contribute to a quartet of nonfiction gems, that showcases her unwavering commitment to illuminating the human experience.

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