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Review: The Unbroken by Destiny Hawkins @That_1_Author

The Calling

The Descendants #3

by Destiny Hawkins

Published: Paperback – December 25, 2023 — Kindle – April 2, 2024

Genre: Dystopian, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Paranormal, Romance


They said that the Monroe Academy Bootcamp Program was meant to break its trainees.

With one last attempt at proving her worth, she was counting on the worst.

The Bootcamp Program at Monroe Academy was Rayah’s last and only hope. Within just a few short months, she would have to display her abilities in front of the council and prove her strength. If she passed, she’d level up, but if she failed, then everything would have been for nothing.

The pain, the suffering, the training, the loneliness…the sacrifices…

Rayah was determined to make it all count, and now that she was able to manifest her light, it was time to take things to the next level.

The rookie vex signed up to take part in one of the most advanced training programs that the academy provided.

She knew that in breaking, it would be her last chance to unlock the mental barriers that blocked the path to her energy.

And she was willing to endure anything to make that happen.

Bestselling author Destiny Hawkins brings you the third installment of a gripping dark fantasy where a powerless girl must survive in a society that doesn't accept the weak...or the defective.

Content Advisory: The following book contains vivid depictions of violence and death. Reader discretion is advise

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My Review:

The Unbroken is the third book in The Descendants series and just as good if not better than the two books before it. In The Unbroken Rayah is back and still trying to keep her powers on the down low. Rayah is very strong so strong not even she knows how powerful she may be or how to use her powers without them becoming a danger to herself and everyone else.

Rayah has been trying to get accepted into the academy so that she can learn more about her powers and how to use and control them. It is time for Rayah to let the world know that her powers have finally manifested but she can’t let the world know how strong she really is.

Rayah finally receives her acceptance letter for the academy. Now all she needs to do is stay under the radar. She needs to learn how to control her powers more. At the academy, Rayah is faced with challenge after challenge. She has to level up if she wants to stay at the academy. But her journey is a tough one. She must level but she must also keep her secrets close.

The Unbroken is full of action from beginning to end. The world-building is excellent, to say the least. The descriptions are so vividly written to the point where I felt as if I was standing right there beside Rayah at all times. Feeling and seeing whatever she was. The Unbroken has some pretty amazing characters as well.

I highly recommend The Unbroken to all fantasy and science fiction fans. Grab your copy of The Unbroken today!

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