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Blog Tour + Review + #Giveaway: Moon Flower: Vampires of Los Angeles by Heather Ewen-Foster @hefcarter @XpressoTours

Moonflower: Vampires of Los Angeles
Heather Ewen-Foster
Publication date: November 7th 2023
Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy

Sonia, a 250-year-old Australian vampire, thought she had found peace in the quiet neighborhood of Whitley Heights, Hollywood. But when a mysterious creature starts slaughtering young vampires, Sonia is thrust into a deadly game of cat and mouse.

With her friend Sunny targeted by an ancient monster, Sonia must uncover the truth behind these brutal attacks. Desperate to save her friend and end the bloodshed, Sonia navigates the treacherous politics of the vampire world. Along the way, she finds herself torn between her irresistible attraction to Alex, the enigmatic human journalist helping in her investigation, and her deep bond with sexy and charismatic Sunny, Alpha Vampire extraordinaire.

As the sinister plot unravels, Sonia’s race against time becomes a pulse-pounding battle against an impossibly powerful foe. Will she uncover the truth before more lives are lost? And what sacrifices will she have to make to protect those she loves?

Moon Flower is a spellbinding urban fantasy that will leave you breathless. Heather Ewen-Foster’s suspenseful tale immerses you in a world of danger, romance, and mythical creatures. Get ready for an electrifying adventure that will keep you turning the pages late into the night.


My Review:

I loved the new twists on vampires in Moon Flower: Vampires of Los Angeles. I love the world that was created for the vampires to live in with the humans. I loved that humans and vampires live together and got along for the most part even though humans don’t know that vampires exist or most of them don’t that is. But of course, some humans knew that vampires existed.

In Moon Flower, lots of vampires are missing. Something or someone is going around attacking vampires. What is strong enough to attack a vampire and kill it? What is going on? Who or what is behind the disappearance of the missing vampires?

Moon Flower is one of the best books about vampires to come along in a long time. I can’t wait to read more about the vampires of Los Angeles. The world-building for this one is out of this world amazingly good. I love the political side of the story. I love that there is a council of sorts that kind of rules the vampires. It makes them seem a little more human I guess.

I liked that Moon Flower: Vampires of Los Angeles was more than a romantic or vampire novel. I like that it was more like a suspenseful type of story. That it had a plot so to speak. There was a story to be read and not just vampires making out.

I would highly recommend Moon Flower: Vampires of Los Angeles to all vampire fans and anyone looking for a little bit more from their vampire books! Grab a copy of Moon Flower: Vampires of Los Angeles today!

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Marcy Meyer said...

I like the cover art. It looks great. Sounds like a good book.

Daniel M said...

looks like a fun one