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Kitchen Matches

by Marianne Arkins

GENRE: Romance


A feisty auto mechanic and a hunky chef cook up chaos!

Cori Weathers is a wizard with a torque wrench, but the moment she lays eyes on her cooking teacher, Micah DePalma, her lessons turn into a klutzy symphony of flying poultry and burning aprons. It makes no sense. He couldn't be less her type: tall, skinny, and born with a silver spoon in his mouth. So why is her heart sputtering like a badly tuned engine?

Despite family pressure to date only women of his own social class, something about the cooking-challenged spitfire lights all Micah's burners. Cori's a complex dish inside a deceptively simple coating, one he's willing to risk tackle football and jealous ex-boyfriends to sample.

His every attempt to crack her stubborn heart strikes sparks. Will they ignite the flame of love or explode into just another kitchen disaster?


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I’m fairly new in town and don’t know any good car repairmen.” Micah shrugged.

I do,” Cori said.

Oh? Do you get a kickback for referring me?”

See…I knew you didn’t like me.” She smirked. “And, no I don’t get a kickback, exactly.”

What’s ‘exactly’ mean?”

I mean that it’s me.” She stuffed her cold hands into her jacket pockets and rocked back on her heels.

It’s you, what?”

I’m a reputable car repairman.”

He stared at her again, and that little habit of his was really making her uncomfortable. That look cut through her tough outer skin, right to her soft and easily embarrassed center. His gaze scooted up to her face, down to her toes and back again. The look was as soft as a caress and she fisted her hands, annoyed at her body’s reaction to it.

You’re no man,” he announced.

What? Are you some kind of Neanderthal? You think because of my chromosomes I can’t fix a minivan?”

I didn’t say that.” The corner of his mouth turned up in a smile, the first real one ever aimed in her direction. “You called yourself a repairman, and I only said that you aren’t a man. That’s a fact. Despite your dress and demeanor, you are very much a woman.”

A thrill of attraction shivered up her spine and left her unable to speak coherently. She fell back on a simple, “Oh.”

His mouth widened into a full-fledged grin and he reached out to straighten the collar on her jacket, fingers brushing the skin of her throat as he did.

My Review:

Kitchen Matches is a fun, sweet, and short read that had me from the first page or better yet the summary. Cori is the only girl in a family of seven and she is the baby. Cori is good with a torque wrench but she is not so good at cooking which is why she decides to take a cooking class.

Cori’s teacher Micah gives her a hard time when things in the class go horribly for her. Meeting Micah didn’t do her any justice with her cooking as he was responsible for sending her body heat sky high which resulted in her cooking going up in flames as well.

Despite his family’s wishes, Cori ramps up Micah’s body temp as well. All this heat is the reason Micah decides to play football with Cori’s brothers who are all very protective of her. To turn the heat up more Cori’s ex-boyfriend is also playing. What a game this is going to be.

Kitchen Matches was way more fun to read than I thought it was going to be. I have to admit I did enjoy reading it a lot more than I thought I would. I am glad that I decided to read it as it was so much fun to see Cori and Micha’s vibes with each other as the sparks started to fly.

I would recommend Kitchen Matches to anyone looking for a little romance! Grab a copy of Kitchen Matches today! 

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Marianne is originally from California but currently living in the lovely state of Utah with her daughter, two dogs, two cats and one adorable foster hamster. She can’t imagine a world without romance or not having stories rattling around in her brain. There are nights when she dreams a complete story and watches it acted out in her head. Those are the times she wakes up and grabs for a notepad to jot down the important parts – without turning on the light – and hopes it’s coherent in the morning. She’s a member of the Romance Writers of America and heavily involved and indebted to her group of writing friends.

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