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Review: Wicked Jackal (Woodland Creek) by Cherie Marks @CherieMarks

Wicked Jackal

Woodland Creek

by Cherie Marks

Published: November 15, 2015

Publisher: Timbercreek Press

Genre: Shifters, Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal


Freedom never felt so good.

Anastasiya Petrov ran from her fate. The youngest of seven sisters and promised to one of the Princes of a rival pack, she refuses the role of a bargaining chip. Instead, she flees to a remote area in the United States, changes her name to Tasia Connor, and settles into a new life.

Alex Chilikov is an Estonian prince, raised in the United States and now in Woodland Creek, Indiana, where he followed his bride-to-be. She might hide her identity from the others, but he'd recognize her scent anywhere, and he plans to use his trickster abilities to help him obtain his ultimate goal--getting out from under his own father's heavy thumb. Yet, it seems he's not the only one searching for her. Her father has some dangerous enemies, and though she continues to attempt to escape Alex's protection, he'll fight to keep her safe.

Tasia will risk almost anything to keep her freedom, but only if she can resist a 
Wicked Jackal.

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Woodland Creek


My Review:

The youngest of seven sisters Anastasiya Petrov has been promised to a prince from a rival pack. Well, Ana wants to live her own life and do things her way. Ana makes plans to leave and go to live in the United States in a little town called Woodland Creek. When Ana arrives in the United States she changes her name to Tasia Connor.

What Ana/Tasia doesn’t know is that her future husband Alex Chilikov, an Estonian prince has been sent to find Tasia and keep her safe. Alex has lived in the United States for a while now and loves it, especially Woodland Creek.

Alex is not the only one looking for Tasia. No, her father has made some very bad investments or dealings with the wrong kind of people and now some mafia-like dudes are searching for Tasia. Alex is determined to keep Tasia safe no matter what it takes. He will not let anyone hurt her if it is in his power to do so.

Wicked Jackal kept me on my toes trying to figure it all out as I raced to the end. I couldn’t stop reading as I had to know exactly who these men were who were looking for Tasia and exactly what they had to do with her father. What kind of deals did Tasia’s father make with these guys to have them flying all over the country looking for his daughter?

So many questions that kept me wondering what was happening. Wicked Jackal is a very engaging story with enough suspense to keep you hanging on for more. It also has plenty of romance with some pretty steamy scenes for the romantic at heart. Awe, mystery, suspense, romance, and some pretty hot scenes what more could you ask for in a good romance story.

I highly recommend Wicked Jackal to all romance and mystery fans! Grab a copy of Wicked Jackal and start the adventure!  


It all started with an old fashioned typewriter. When my family brought it home, I knew what I wanted to do. All those stories rolling around in my head could finally get out. The press and click of the keys were satisfying in their own right, but when I pulled out a finished page, I knew this was for me. Since then, I’ve graduated to a laptop, but the stories still find a way out.

I’m a breast cancer survivor, a teacher, a wife, a mother, and from the very beginning—a storyteller. Always a hint humorous and honest to a fault, I love to make people laugh, smile, and have “a-ha” moments. My goal in life is to achieve tact and stop procrastinating. The battle wages on.