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Virtual Book Tour + #Giveaway: I Survived by Celisha J. @GoddessFish


by Celisha J

GENRE: Memoir


In “I Survived” the author’s journey through a life marked by hardship, pain and resilience. From the devastating loss of a mother at a young age to abusive relationships and a harrowing escape, this gripping memoir unveils the story of survival, redemption, and the enduring strength of the human spirit. With unwavering determination, the author overcomes the shadows of her past to forge a path toward self-discovery, healing, and hope.

I Survived is an inspiring testament to the power of resilience and the unwavering belief that no matter the obstacles, one can triumph over adversity and ultimately thrive.

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My name is Celisha J. I have been through a lot, learned, and am better because of it. I am a firm believer that every lesson is a blessing. God has saved me so many times. I know he did this because he has something bigger planned for me.

My prayer for this book is that it helps women and children who have gone through the same or similar situations to know that they don’t have to allow the traumas of their past to keep them from being successful. I believe that God has a plan for our life, but we did something to alter that plan along the way. He did not intend for us to struggle or have a hard life. He allows us to choose the path we want to go on. The good thing is he is that he is Always there to pick us up when we fall. We were born for greatness.

Hold yourself accountable for your mistakes and forgive yourself and those who hurt you. Forgiveness is for you. I want people to know you can be the best you that you allow. No one says it will be easy, but the main thing to remember is that you are responsible for you. I believe that the only person you can truly believe in life, who won’t let you down, is God and yourself. In order for you to crawl out of the slump of being abused, hurt, let down, controlled, and battered is, your faith in God and the belief that he has better for you. He does not want us to live in our past. He intended for us to learn from it and allow our past to help other people gain strength, but if we tell our stories and we have not grown from what happened to us, then who can we really help?

I have done some things in my past that I am not proud of, and this book tells you my story and how I remember it. No, it is not everything, but the book will tell you the things that stood out the most to me. I have learned a lot and grown from my mistakes, and I have decided not to allow the embarrassment, pain, and struggles from my past to hold me back, so I am releasing it in this book.

This is my Ugly Truth!

Interview with Celisha J.

Do you have any tattoos? Where? When did you get them? Where are they on your body?

I do not have any tattoos on my body currently. Maybe, I might think about getting one done in the near future.

Is your life anything like it was two years ago?

There has been a dramatic change in my life and lifestyle from two years ago. I am more focused on myself. My vision is clear and so is my mission. I know what I have to do and I have aligned my goals accordingly.

How long have you been writing?

I started writing almost a couple of years ago. That’s when I came up with my first book, “I Survived”, which is my autobiography of the initial stages of my life - from childhood to adolescence. I have described the ugly truth of my life in this book.

What advice would you give a new writer just starting out?

My advice to a new writer would be to simply express yourself and be brave to do that. There is no harm in being vulnerable if you are in control of your vulnerability. You need to be brave enough to face any questions and answer them tactfully.

Tell us something about your newest release that is NOT in the blurb.

Read my book, “I Survived” on Kindle or get your copy from Amazon today. This book is not just about the ugly truth of my life, rather, it is about the grit, determination, and my indomitable fighting spirit within me that stood by me always. It has been my will power that has helped me survive the most adverse of circumstances and make me the woman of substance that I am today.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Born in Michigan now living in Atlanta Celisha J. is an Actress and Author all in one, landing a role in a movie and a lead role on a TV Series.

She currently has a book entitled “I Survived”. It is a chilling story about her life from losing her mom at an early age and all the things that she has endured in her life, that should have broken her but she uses her pain as motivation to continue on her journey to following her dreams of being an actress, author and motivational speaker. She is currently pursuing more roles in acting.

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