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THE SUNWRIGHT CHRONICLES: A NEW WORLD by Kevin M. Villegas, Fantasy, 120 pp., $6.00 (paperback) $.99 (kindle)

Author: Kevin M. Villegas
Publisher: Independent
Pages: 120
Genre: Fantasy
The Sunwright Chronicles : A New World, takes place in the world called Alavar, the Sunwrights a mostly Magical family made up of Paris Sunwright, Suadela Sunwright, Calia Sunwright, Tobias & Jaedus Sunwright and last but not least Pershing Sunwright, have all arrived from a long but bitter stay from modern earth. Alavar is a fresh new world, so the Sunwrights are directed to stay away from the “creators as they work” young Jaedus Sunwright is discovered to be a “necromancer” the most powerful type of mage.

Paris Sunwright the patriarch of the family takes it upon himself to train her before she accidentally kills anyone in the family with her wild powers. Conflict ensues between Suadela, Paris’s wife and young Jaedus before Paris can take Jaedus away to be trained. We skip ahead in time and Jaedus is trained properly, The “Creators” are long done with their work and the Sunwrights decide to reside with the elves of the world. The Sunwrights help teach the Elves many things. It is not long before it is discovered there is a sickness amongst the elves, called the soul disease. Because of her special powers Jaedus Sunwright is the best fitted to help combat this disease, only a few elves succumb to the disease, one being the wife of the second most prominent Elf in the land.

Now we move forward, the Elves are prospering the soul disease is gone, the population boom for the Elves has produced several distinct tribes amongst them. A power struggle ensues, in which the first murder occurs in the land, leading to the breakup of the tribes into separate nations and the very real possibility of war.



It was the first man he brought through the portal. The man had opened his eyes, he sat up. The figure turned to enter the portal and then hesitated. It turned its hooded head back towards the man.
“Michael?” The man asked.
“Paris,” Michael replied.
Paris Sunwright turned around and looked at Michael who was a foot away from the portal. Paris shook his head his vision still a little blurry.
“A debt has been repaid,” Michael said.
“A debt? What are you talking about?”
“You will realize when you regain your wits.”
“My wits,” Paris looked around him.
He took a deep breath of fresh air. The air was cool and fresh. He looked to see his family asleep spread out in a line next to him. Paris frowned and looked at Michael who stood like a statue in front of the portal.
“Where are we?” Paris asked.
“I believe its name is Alavar,” Michael responded.
“So, we escaped.”
“As I said a debt was paid.” Michael moved towards Paris and kneeled next to him. “My time to stay here grows short I must go home, but I must tell you this. This Alavar is a new plane, made to compensate for the loss of your home plane. Proto-Humans will prosper here, the magic level is high here. But I must warn you the progenitors of the species here are still at work.”
“What species?”
“Human, Elf, Troll, Dragon, Gnoll, and all the birds, beasts, insects that you encountered on Earth.”
“It will be familiar then,” Paris said.
“Do not disturb the progenitors, they will return to the soil when their job is done, they cannot be interrupted. Live here in this forest or near it, you are away from the founders.” Michael said.

I have been writing for as long as I can remember. My ongoing series The Sunwright Chronicles is a culmination of fifteen years of creating a unique living world with a rich history. I am currently writing the third book in the series. Besides writing I enjoy computer gaming, reading, playing the guitar and watching the history and science channels. My favorite activity though, is hanging out with my awesome family.

My latest book is the fantasy, The Sunwright Chronicles: A New World.





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