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Blog Tour + #Giveaway: The Same Time by Brona Mills @XpressoTours

The Same Time
Brona Mills
(Time Series, #2)
Publication date: April 23rd 2018
Genres: Adult, Science Fiction, Time-Travel

A brave young mother, a time-traveling good Samaritan, and a love that must endure the tests of time…

Stella is fighting against her circumstances. Pregnant and caring for her own mother, twenty-one-year-old Stella is tough, and doing the best she can.Butin her darkest hour, helparrives in the form of a handsome and mysterious man who knows more about her than seems reasonable.

A scientist, David has unlocked the keys to time travel and uses his knowledge to save Stella’s life, over and over.But will David turn out to be her salvation, or the beginning of her greatest heartbreak? While David strives to assist Stella on her path, he does so without realizing he may be risking his chances of returning safely to his own time in the process.

When Stella meets a younger David on her own timeline—long before his time traveling days have begun—they begin a love affair that will change both their lives. The question is, will their love be strong enough to change the devastating future they share, and how much will Stella tell her love about what she knows of their shared future and demise?

“…a great story of love transcending time against all odds” – Amazon Reviewer

This is the second book in the connected Time Series and can be read as a standalone.

Interview with Brona Mills

Can you tell us a little bit about the characters in The Same time?

I think Stella is my favorite character I’ve ever written! She appeared in book one as a support character (books are stand alones in a connected series) and I really wanted to explore her more.  She was a young, single mother and strong and tough and made this amazing career for herself and her friends.  She also had what looked like a great relationship, but she did something that broke her marriage apart, and I really wanted to look at WHY she did it. (I know, I bloody wrote it, you would think I knew why!) But that was basically the whole idea of book 2, was to look at other people’s lives and see what was actually going on.  To look past what people show you, and see what’s really happening in their lives. 

So David is the love interest, and there is so much more going on with him than appears.  He’s extremely attractive, it’s a romance book, so of course he is ;) but he is also wicked smart and moved to America for a fellowship in a college department, but also to help his friend out, and we’re going to see in this book the lengths he went to, to help out Stella that no one reading book one would ever have realized! (he’s your new favourtie book boyfriend).

Can you tell us a little bit about your next books or what you have planned for the future?

Oh this is exciting.  I had planned a spin off novella on one of the characters (not the one you will be thinking of if you read the book, but I’m planning on throwing reader a curve ball! <I’m not American and know nothing about baseball, so I hope that phrase actually is the correct one ha!). But also said I was taking a break from writing for a few months after this release to catch up on some other things, and of course, this new amazing exciting story came into my head.  It’s an amalgamation of four or five ideas I had, and I realised if I put them all together into one book, it will be perfect! There are a whole bunch of characters that I want to get into a whole new story.  So far it’s titled Saving Dystopia, and of course has the romance/time travel plot in there, but it’s based on a girl and a group of survivors from the future who find themselves in 2018 and try to save their future rebel leader.  Some plot twists and turns are in there that I can’t reveal yet, but I’m super excited by them, and I think it might actually break my heart to write and tear the little close-knit group in opposite directions.

How long would you say it takes you to write a book?

The first book was the longest, because my kids were two-and-a-half and six-months-old when I started, and I also worked around 30hrs a week in the evenings, so time constraints was a big thing. I also had to teach myself how to write.  I read every book I could get out the library on how to write a novel.  I went through a whole load of books on amazon and wrote an awful first draft.  I joined a writers workshop and painfully spent forever re-writing.  As the kids got older, things got a little easier, and in the end, when I figured more and more out (even things about using a word document that I didn’t know ha!) it got a little quicker.  But from start, to publish of book one, was about four years.  I’d say a year of that was learning how to write, and how to publish, and I took about two six-month breaks due to various things.

The second book was released almost a year to the day later!  It was quicker as I had a lot of things on Stella already written, along with all the experience and knowledge I had gained from book one, it was a lot smoother process. Again, the last six months is in editing and last minute changes and publishing, so I don’t know, does that count?

The rate I’m going, I’m hoping that Saving Dystopia will be in the year or less mark too!  I’d love to say quicker, but honestly, I never think what I’ve written is good enough, and I need loads of time and editing to make sure that what I publish is as good as it can be.  I wish I could write shorter books, and get them out there in the two to three month mark like so many kindle series, but I just don’t think that’s working for me right now.  Perhaps after book 3, when I have more experience, I’ll get quicker – and you know, if I win the lotto, I can give up my job and write full time!   

What is your favorite childhood book?

I don’t think I have one.  I came to reading later in life.  I’m actually dyslexic and I hated school.  I never picked up a book unless I needed to.  And once in University, I was reading textbooks only.  Occasionally I read some of my mum’s books around the house, but nothing that I Love loved.  When I was travelling when I was 23, I read more and more, but it wasn’t until I was 28, after I had my first child, and I really had the idea to write a book, that I actually fell in love with reading.  Like head over heels, obsessed with romance books!  I found Colleen Hoover, and Tammy Falkner and KC Lynn and I obsessively read everything they had written. The list goes on and on!

If you could spend the day with one of the characters from The Same Time who would it be? Please tell us why you chose this particular character, where you would go and what you would do.

Oh, god – this is tough.  Why didn’t you just ask me something easy, like who was my favourtie child.

Okay, it would have to be one of the men (David and Michael) and I think I would have to pick David.  BUT if I’m spending the day with David, I want to be Stella in this little day out, cause he is so sweet and hot with her!  I did love their dates, so that’s exactly what I’d do.  Re-live for real one of their dates! 

What was the hardest scene from The Same Time to write?

Ah, there was a lot that was hard.  Anyone from book one knows what happens in Stella and David’s lives and relationship (or do they ;) ) and that was tough to go into details now in book2.  To know that there was heart ache I was going to have to step into their shoes to write, and there was nothing I could do to change it.  The start (and end) was tough because honestly I didn’t know what direction (out of two) to end with.  So I wrote both – and making the decision about which one to use in the final draft with was pretty tough – sob!

What made you want to become a writer?

I remember driving once when my son was very young (maybe six years ago) and I thought, I want to write a book.  I day dream ALL the time, and I wanted to write them down and work them into a story.  It was almost two year later, when I had kid no2 that I realised I had the story of Audrey and Michael (from book one, A Time For Everything) in my head.  I rushed off to write it all down, then I had 10k words and didn’t know what to do with it!

Just for fun

(a Favorite song: Right now it’s The Greatest Showman soundtrack! But I love Adele, Ed Sheeran and James Blunt are all on my phone for when I occasionally take the fancy to go for a jog!

(b Favorite book: Oh – I might have to pick a few.  Most recently I read The Sea of Tranquility by Katjar Millay and I love it.  It really hit me in a few places.  Most of Colleen Hoovers will forever be in my top 10 – It ends with us, Ugly love, Losing Hope and Hopeless. If you like some serious hot steam, check out Kit Rocha – there is a huge Beyond series that I just marvel at the ability to keep a reader engaged for that many books.  The entire world and character building is top class!

(c Favorite movie:
I like loads of movies, I don’t think I like them enough to gush and choose a ‘favourite’.  My favourite time travel movie was Tom Cruise The edge of Tomorrow!  I loved that one!

(d Favorite tv show: I love The 100, Game of Thrones, The walking dead used to be up there, but I’ve seriously missed a lot of the last season.  Timeless is in my new favourtie – and total random – The Graham Norton Talk show. It’s fabulous! I watched a lot of Homeland and The Blacklist, but I’ve missed like the last two or three seasons of both! Can I say the Kardashians? – ‘cause sometimes I love turning on the TV and not having to pay attention to anything heavy! I love watching things like Million Dollar listing, and Flipping Vegas.  I love looking at the high end house and basically gawking at how the other half live lol!

(e Favorite Food:
Everything.  Seriously. It’s easier to say what I don’t like, and that’s pretty much soggy vegetables.  Oh how weird is this, I don’t actually like pastries or a lot of cakes. I love the icing (frosting) and have been knows to buy tubs on icing to put on rich-tea biscuits!

(f Favorite drink:
Soft drinks (non-alcohol drinks) – Diet coke, Diet Irn Bru (It’s a Scottish drink and the best in the world but I don’t live in Scotland anymore, so it’s bumped to second) and strong black tea.
Alcohol – Red wine.  Form Chile. ;)
Also started drinking espresso martini’s and they are pretty weird way to get drunk and sober at the same time!

(g Favorite website:
Google.  It takes me to all my other favourite websites ;)

Thanks so much for visiting with us today!

Your welcome! It was fun!  And sorry about all the extra U’s in some words – UK English is weird. 

Author Bio:

Brona Mills has defied the odds of overcoming dyslexia and failing High School English to become an author. Her first book, A Time for Everything, has been met with great reviews from both the romance readers and the sci-fi time travel lovers, that Brona kept the series going. Book two in the connected series, The Same Time is out 23rd April, and Brona's not stopping there. She is currently working on two other projects, a novella in the connected Time Series, and a new stand alone time travel novel with a dystopian element.



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