Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Review: Humanity’s Protectors: An Influence Series Origin Novella (Influence #1.5) by David R. Bernstein @drbauthor

Humanity’s Protectors: An Influence Series Origin Novella
Influence #1.5
by David R. Bernstein

Publisher: January 26, 2017
Published: Torment Publishing
Genre: Science Fiction


"Wow! This starts off intense and never lets up. I read this in one sitting..." ★★★★★

Where will you stand at humanity's end?
The corporate abuse of youth with the special ability to manipulate reality is at its apex. A revolution to regain society has emerged and sixteen-year-old Leeyah is thrust in the middle of the war against the corporate controlled police.

Will a growing ability put her life at risk?

Immerse yourself in the universe of the Influence series with this origin novella. Discover the beginning of the Influence phenomenon.

My Review:

Humanity’s Protectors is a great introduction into the world of the Influence series. Humanity’s Protectors gives us insight into influencer’s and what they are capable of doing. Influencer’s can control people with their mind.

Our stories heroine sixteen-year-old Leeyah is assigned a task to do but refuses as she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. When she refuses to do their bidding someone comes to whisk her away for what she is not quite sure but I sure her imagination was in overdrive at that moment. As she is being taken away a group of people sweep in and rescue her.

Humanity’s Protectors is a fast paced read that sucks you in right from the beginning with all the action. I really and truly loved the world that Humanity’s Protectors is set in and can’t wait to learn more. Humanity’s Protectors is a very intriguing read.

I would recommend Humanity’s Protectors to all science fiction fans. 

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