Friday, November 16, 2018

Review: The Case of the Love Spell: A Hillcrest Witch Mystery (Hillcrest Witch Cozy Mystery Book 0) by Amorette Anderson

The Case of the Love Spell: A Hillcrest Witch Mystery
Hillcrest Witch Cozy Mystery Book 0
by Amorette Anderson

Published: September 5, 2018
Genre: Mystery, Cozy Mystery, Fantasy


Is magic real?

That’s what Penny has to ask herself, after a mysterious book reveals her destiny as a witch...

Welcome to Hillcrest, a small box-canyon town snuggled high in the mountains of Colorado. It’s been Penny’s home for her whole life, and she’s always thought of it as a peaceful -- if boring -- place to live.

All of that changes when the elderly Claudine Terra is killed, and a mysterious mountain pass behind her mansion opens up to through traffic. Could the new visitors to town, including a handsome vampire, have something to do with Claudine’s murder?

Penny is intent on finding out. She wants to save her failing PI business, get her love-life in order, and prove the police department wrong, all in one fell swoop. But as Penny learns about her own witchy powers, things turn out to be a bit more complicated than she expected.

For one thing, her ex boyfriend, Chris (a captain on the Hillcrest Police Department) is suddenly single. And then there’s the fact that her precious cat won’t stop throwing up. On top of that, Penny’s attempts at casting spells tend to go horribly wrong!

This is the prequel to the Hillcrest Witch Cozy Mystery series. A full length, funny cozy mystery.

My Review:

Penny has lived her whole life in the town of Hillcrest where she now has a small office that is not much bigger than a closet. Penny went to the police academy but things didn’t turn out well for her there after one little accident. Penny decided to go home and become a PI.

Penny is trying to save her little investigating business from going under so takes a case to find the killer of a local woman. Penny’s payment for helping to find the murder is a box of antiques that she can sell to help with her business. Penny finds a book amongst all the stuff in the box.

Penny’s knitting circle/book club need a book to read for their next meeting so Penny suggests they read the book she found. But what they don’t know is that this little book may turn them into witches. Penny and the girls fall in love with the book but they still wonder if magic is real.

Penny’s ex-boyfriend Chris works for the local police department and has his eye set on a suspect but Penny doesn’t believe this person is the killer and sets out to prove the police department wrong. Can Penny make them see what is right? Can she prove who the real killer is?

The Case of the Love Spell is a very enthralling read that likes to hold on to its secrets that keeps you hanging on for more. The Case of the Love Spell is a great intro into the Hillcrest world and its characters. Once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down until I had read the last page.

The Case of the Love Spell is a cozy mystery with lots of magical elements that will have you under its spell. I can’t wait to see the Hillcrest witches have in store for us in the next book.

If you like mystery, witches and magic in your life then you will love The Case of the Love Spell.

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