Friday, April 26, 2019

Blog Tour + Review + #Giveaway: The Devil’s Own by K.A. Fox @XpressoTours

The Devil’s Own
K.A. Fox
Published by: Acorn Publishing
Publication date: April 20th 2019
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Young Adult

Delaney Murphy has always known she’s the Devil’s daughter. And although the title itself is a burden, she never expects to inherit all her father’s infernal abilities. When her newfound magic begins to poison the people closest to her, Laney must make a choice. To protect the world from the worst she can do, she leaves everyone she loves behind and builds a new life for herself, alone, in a place where she can control the urge to give in to the magic living within her.

But when she recognizes a familiar pattern in a string of murders, Laney leaves her peaceful, isolated life behind and goes on the hunt, unleashing a threat she never dreamed possible. Confronting this menacing specter could mean giving in to temptation and becoming the one thing she fears most. Will she use her magic to do the right thing, even if it means hurting the ones she loves?

My Review:

Delaney Murphy is a young woman who lives all alone in isolation. Living alone is Laney’s own choice. Laney is the daughter of the devil. Laney is half-human. She inherited all of her father’s powers. When she learned that her powers were causing people harm that is when she decided that living alone would be the best thing. Laney has a very big heart and doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

When Laney hears about several murders the area she thinks she may know something about them or who it is so she leaves her isolation to go investigate. When she does she stirs up some trouble that may cost her more than she bargained for.

When her father finds out about what she has done he sends her a couple of body guards. Laney’s father has a little trouble going on that he has to take care of and can’t come himself to watch after her. One of the guards is a dog that she names Moose and the other is a guy, Callum to keep her safe. Callum is a very mysterious creature with special abilities of his own who doesn’t like to give out any information on himself. What or who Callum is, is a mystery unto its self.  Moose is very sweet and cute but he is also very mysterious.

The Devil’s Own was a very mysterious fast paced read that likes to hang on to its secrets right up until the end. Hanging on to those secrets is what kept my interest and wanting to know the answers. It has just enough action to keep you hooked.

I would recommend The Devil’s Own to all fans of fantasy and the paranormal. 

Author Bio:

K.A. Fox is a proud military brat who has lived all over the world but now calls the Midwest home. She uses her psychological training to facilitate successful negotiations at work and to convince her husband and three sons that she’s always right. When not writing, she can usually be found hiding somewhere with a book and a bit of chocolate, or chasing after her own adorable Hell Hound.



Giselle said...

Great review, Nancy! This sounds well written and entertaining from start to finish!

Unknown said...

Thank you for this lovely review. So glad you enjoyed Delaney's story!
Have a great week,
K.A Fox