Friday, April 19, 2019

Review: Beware Of Mortals and Their Birthdays by Bill Alive

Beware Of Mortals and their Birthdays
by Bill Alive
Published: February 27, 2019
Publisher: Villette Press
Genre: Fantasy, Magic, Fairy Tales, Fae, Fairies


Why had he loved a mortal?

Or made that fatal vow?

Now his fate hangs on the whims of an utter… twerp.

Gaveron never should have risked so much. He knows it well. And so does all Faerie.

But the Court has ruled. He granted a wish to the human woman he loved, and he must not break faith…

…even if she asked the impossible.

Can he work a magic boon that no power has matched in all the centuries?

Or will he fail… and suffer a fate that really is worse than death?

You'll love this gorgeous short story, because even immortals will do anything for love.

Get it now.

My Review:

Gaveron a Faerie granted the love of his life a human woman a magic boon but she never made her wish and on her death bed it was passed to her grandson.

Her grandson was enamored with his birthdays. He was a very selfish brat who never actually grew up always being obsessed with his birthdays and celebrations year after year.

The human that Gaveron fell in love with never made a wish will her grandson finally make a wish and release Gaveron from the magic boon?

Beware of Mortals and Their Birthdays is a fun fast read that will keep you entertained for a little while. That ending floored me I was like wait, what no way I just couldn’t believe it but when I thought about the story again I though ok I get it.

If you are looking for short read then give Beware of Mortals and Their Birthdays a try. Who knows you just might get it too.

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