Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Review: Faerie Blood by Ashley McLeo @amcleowrites

Faerie Blood
Fanged Fae Series
by Ashley McLeo
Published: April 23, 2019
Publisher: Meraki Press
Genre: Fairies, Fae, Young Adult, Paranormal, Thriller, Romance, Witches, Vampires


War is brewing between the vampires and the fae.

Even worse, Mauri’s family is to blame.

Mauri, a vampire-fae hybrid, disagrees with her mother’s dreams of dominating Faerie and the human realm through blood and fear.

To stop Queen Nyssa, Mauri journeys to Faerie to enlist an army. She soon learns, however, that the fae do nothing for free. And their price may be steeper than she’s willing to pay.

When other attempts to form supernatural alliances fail too, Mauri must choose the lesser of all evils to align herself with and do it fast.

Because Queen Nyssa has already thrown her plans into action.

And Mauri is the only one powerful enough to stop her.

Faerie Blood is the final book in the Fanged Fae series. It’s a paranormal thriller with cunning vampires, charming fae, sassy witches, and romance. If you like page-turning action and meticulously crafted new worlds, then get your copy today!

My Review:

War is on the horizon between the Fae and the vampires.

Mauri’s mother Queen Nyssa is a vampire who wants to take control of the Fae world and the old world. Mauri decides to go to Faerie to see her grandmother and grandfather to ask their help in obtaining an army to help stop her mother from gaining control of both worlds.

Mauri is half fae and half vampire who don’t agree with the way her mother wants to take over both worlds.  If Mauri’s mother had not gotten herself exiled from Faerie land then she could have taken over as the queen one day as her father is the king of Faerie.

When I picked up Faerie Blood I was drawn into its magical world right away. There is action on almost every page that will keep you hooked. For a newbie vampire Mauri was very strong in not attacking or draining all her friends of their blood. Faerie Blood has it all, it has witches, vampires, fae, romance, magic, fighting and great characters with great world building. I hope to read more of these characters and the Faerie world in The Bonegates Series.

If you like reading about witches, vampires, fae, magic with a little romance then Faerie Blood just may be the book you’re looking for. Check it out along with the first book in the Fanged Series, Blood Moon Magic. Highly recommend!

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