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Book Blitz: The Gift of Thoran by Patty Lesser @PattyLesser @RABTBookTours

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Coma Kids Series, Book 2
YA / MG Science Fiction
Published: April 2019

An alien invasion. Check. Teenagers with supernatural powers. Check. The world hanging in the balance. Check. And Double Check!

In this sequel to Book One of the Coma Kids Series, a group of ten teenagers with extraordinary powers are rescued from the dangerous restrictions on Earth by an advanced race of aliens (the Thorans) who have bestowed upon them gifts of telepathy and telekinesis – the ability to move physical objects by thought.

The Thorans fly them to a moon orbiting their planet where they are encouraged to develop their powers. Here they meet five other groups of kids from different species, and learn to work together to face numerous challenges: From fighting off the Yarm, a space creature who eats all vegetation leaving planets barren, to overcoming a life-threatening illness, to aliens who attempt to enslave them.

Through their various trials the kids become stronger, and are able to do amazing things with their minds. But will it be enough to save the planet and the galaxy from being destroyed by evil aliens?

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Other Books in the Coma Kids Series:

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That Truthful Place
Coma Kids Series, Book 1

Published: February 2019

On the morning of his thirteenth birthday, Alex Mitchell fell into a deep coma. Three days later, he awoke having suffered no ill effects, yet something was very different. Other people’s thoughts now wafted through his mind like radio waves.With no clue as to why he was granted such a unique gift, Alex’s mind speaks into the darkness, calling out for any others like him. Kat Setterlee, another just turned thirteen telepath, answers.As the “Coma Kids” increase in numbers, they begin to see that their differences are unique pieces being placed together to solve a much larger puzzle. As an arrogant doctor seeks to unmask their hidden abilities, the kids work to enhance their skills to protect themselves and create a new society.Still, despite their talents, the Coma Kids wonder: Why were we chosen?That Truthful Place seeks to tell the story of teamwork, friendship, growing up, new relationships, extraordinary abilities, and ultimately unity in the face of danger.

About the author:

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After living around the world, Patty Lesser returned to Hamilton area, Ontario where she grew up. She has been writing all her life, starting with poems as a child. A few years ago, she began writing novels. She now has several titles to her credit, including the new Coma Kids YA/MG Sci-fi Series.

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