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Virtual Book Tour + #Giveaway: Holding Out for a Hero by T. E Kessler @louise_wise @RABTBookTours

Jelvia: Not Human #1
Erotic Romance
Date Published: March 2019

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Holding out for a Hero #1 in the Jelvia: Not Human series (please note that this has British English spellings).

Macy Shaw is a celebrity journalist who’s bored with the shallow celebs she has to cover, then one night her best friend is attacked but saved by a Jelvia. Macy sees this as a chance for a good story and to get her off celebrity journalism once and for all.

But once meeting the gallant Jelvia called Narcifer, she realises it has its own set of difficulties: he’s as sexy as sin and she feels an incredible attraction towards them—and she’s sure it’s mutual, but it might be wistful thinking.

And then there’s the ‘Jelvias hate Humans, Humans hate Jelvias’ thing going on. That in itself is problematic especially as Narcifer is following orders from his boss while Macy is following instructions for hers—which aggravates their mistrust of the other.

It doesn’t stop Macy from asking Narcifer for an interview. And it doesn’t stop Narcifer demanding his high price: he’s kinky and he wants Macy over his knee.

Interview with Author T.E Kessler

As a writer, what would you choose as your mascot/avatar/spirit animal?

Erm… no. I don’t believe (or understand) any of that. I like to think I’m a person of science, facts and logic. Would ‘like’ to think, mind. Not sure I am!

I have the radio on for background noise, but anything other than that would disturb me, and my mind wanders enough as it is.

How many hours a day do you put into your writing?

I don’t have any set time. I juggle working in a pharmacy, being a mum and a generally being a lazy sod and writing.

I do prefer to write a few bits in the morning—asking myself/characters questions and note writing so in the evening I can get stuck in. Sometimes, the mornings can stretch into the afternoon and the evening into the early hours.

But don’t you find, as a writer yourself, writing isn’t all about sitting in front of a screen, it’s world-building in your head and I like to do that when I’m bicycling (I’ve joined the British Cycling group… God help me!).

I can cycle for miles while ‘daydreaming’ and by the time I’m come home I’m ready for writing it all down.

Do you read your book reviews? If yes, do they affect what you write in the future?

Yes! I lap them all up. They used to affect me greatly, and I used to go back (once the book was published after a review) and amend something someone said they didn’t like.

Once, when I was new to the world of reviews and public shaming, someone gave me a scathing review about my character, Fly, from the book EDEN saying he was too ugly. So I went back and made him less scarred and more appealing, and you know what, I regret that.

He was meant to be scary and looking as mean as hell! Paranoia is at its highest when you’re a new writer!

But thank heavens, that’s all stopped now, and I understand that someone’s nightmare is another’s dream.

Do you leave hidden messages in your books that only a few people will find?

I only use family and friends’ names, that’s all. No messages. But wait… I used to have this friend who turned out to be a complete bitch, and I drafted her into something, but it never came to anything. It wastherapeutic for me, that’s all (and a total waste of time. Move on, folks, life is too short!!)

My early paperbacks have nice little dedications to my family, but that’s all.

Can you tell us a little bit about the characters in HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO?

The book is a sci-fi/fantasy series called Jelvia: Not Human. And Holding out for a Hero is the first book in that series.

For the first few books in the series, I’m gathering my characters together and dropping clues throughout until I’ve my army of protagonists for the finale (along with the characters having their own adventures!).

So, imagine a world where humans live alongside another species called Jelvia and where we have an irrational fear of them although we’re still living our lives, going to work etc.

The Jelvia and human have lived alongside one another forever yet we have no history of them and people who question their timeline are killed.

Then the Jelvias begin killing human criminals telling themselves it’s how they can control the craving of having to kill humans. It seems the Jelvias are fighting some deeply embedded belief without understanding it.

It’s a sci-fi fantasy and erotica genre (I had to put erotica because of the content, but the books aren’t reliant on that theme).

If readers are familiar with Eden and Hunted under my other pen name Louise Wise, they will already know where Jelvias come from.

Basically, Jelvias and humans are being controlled by a higher power, which the reader may or may not discover as they read through the series, but by the last book all will be revealed.

Can you tell us a little bit about your next books or what you have planned for the future?

Book 2 is called Surviving her Dominant, which is already written and edited. The cover is being designed and set for release on August 1st.

This book focuses on Courtney and Aldarn, secondary characters from book 1, and introduces us to Aldarn’s ‘mental’ illness, which the reader is led to believe is due to him being captured by human scientists and experimented on.

Book 3 is called Spider, and I’m still working on that. This is an evil book and will tug on all your heart strings! Muwahhhhh

I don’t know how long the series with be and I wouldn’t like to predict because I’m having so much fun writing about my Jelvian characters.

Do you allow yourself a certain number of hours to write or do you write as long as the words come?

Hours tend to merge into more hours when I get in front of the computer. Sometimes I have to peel myself away, fingernails dragging off my keyboard, just to eat (or feed the brats kids).

Do you have a certain number of words or pages you write per day?

I like to finish or, at least, draft a scene before leaving it but if that’s impossible I write quick notes to myself.

What inspires you to write?

Rewriting what I’ve done previously. That ALWAYS motivates me by either feeling proud of myself and wanting to write more, or feeling ‘Oh crap, why did I write this rubbish’ and deleting to rewrite the scene or something.

Would you rather

Read fiction or non-fiction?
Both. I’m one of ‘those’ who enjoys a good old medical non-fiction book and learning all about how Metformin (or some other drug) works on the body. Excited aren’t you!!!!

Read series or stand-alone?
I don’t like cliff-hangers, hence my own work has none. So if the series is merely an unfinished book, I won’t read it.

Read Science fiction or horror?
I’m not too keen on hard sci-fi and prefer the gentler kind, as for horror, it depends on the writer. I do like it though.

Read Stephen King or Dean Koontz
Mr Koontz all the way! King is overrated in my opinion. Koontz is my idol. He’s great. Have I said how much I love his work? Lightning blew me away. And the series Frankenstein… there’s a little bit of my Jelvia people in his Frankenstein.

Read the book or watch the movie?
When was the last good movie? Movie makers even destroy the best books. Look at Girl on the Train. The book—great. The movie—oh my God!
Books all the way.

Read an ebook or paperback?
eBooks unless I’m outside or on the beach and then it’s a paperback. You can’t leave an eReader unintended or take it in the pool or sea without it getting it stolen or wet.

Be trapped alone for one month in a library with no computer or a room with a computer and Wi-Fi only?
Depends on the library. My local library is dire. And it smells.

Do a cross-country book store tour or blog tour online?
Online. I’m shy.

About the Author

Tina Kessler writes steamy romance for the 18+ market (erotica, spanking and BDSM) and is the pen name of Louise Wise.

Louise Wise is a British author from the Midlands in England. Her debut novel is the acclaimed sci-fi romance titled EDEN, which was followed by its sequel HUNTED in 2013.

Forthcoming, JELVIA: NOT HUMAN series is themed on the above Eden and Hunted books.

HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO book 1 is Wise’s latest release from that series. SURVIVING HER DOMINATE book 2 will be ready for publication in 2019, and SPIDER book 3 will be released in 2020 and all of the series will be written under the name of T. E. KESSLER.

Wise took the decision to write under the name of T. E Kessler for her JELVIA: NOT HUMAN series to separate him from her regular novels. These include:

Eden (sci-fi romance) – slight sex references

Hunted (sci-fi romance) slight sex references

A Proper Charlie (romantic comedy)

Oh No, I’ve Fallen in Love! (dark, comedy romance)

Wide Awake Asleep (time travel, romance)

Wise enjoys writing comedy and finds a place for it in ALL her books. She has written numerous short stories for women’s magazines such as Take a Break and Woman’s Own.

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