Monday, April 15, 2019

Review: Shut Up and Kiss Me by Lissa Lynn Thomas @LissaLynn78

Shut Up and Kiss Me
a Renegades short story
by Lissa Lynn Thomas
Published: April 4, 2019
Genre: Romance, Young Adult


Cash Vereen has always had one dream; to enlist in the army and serve his country. Just like his father did. His mother made him promise to go to college first. And so he did. Now graduation is coming and he’s ready.

But his girlfriend, Johanna is not…

Jo hates that he’s leaving her behind. While she wants Cash to have everything he wants in life, she doesn’t want to lose him like his mother lost his father. But it’s not her choice to make.

Will Cash have to choose between the only dream he’s ever had and the woman he considers his future? Or can he convince Jo that some things are worth the risk?

My Review:

Cash has always wanted to join the army and fight for his country but his girlfriend is having a little problem with it. Jo wants to Cash to be happy and to fulfill his dream but she is afraid that if he joins the army that she will never see him again. She is afraid that he will go on with his life and forget about her.

Cash has tried over and over to convince her of how much he loves her but Jo doesn’t quiet seem able to fully believe him. Jo has always had a hard time believing that someone could love her. Jo is hard on herself thinking that she is not really worth much.

Can Cash convince Jo of his love for her? Will she lose him forever? Will Cash join the army and leave Jo behind? How can he prove to her that he would never leave her behind?

Shut Up and Kiss Me is a short read that can be read in a less than 30 minutes but it packs a big punch. Shut Up and Kiss Me will make you fall in love with the characters and make you feel as if you are right there with them and feeling what they feel. I wanted so much to help Jo with how she felt about herself but am not sure if I could have helped her as I do relate to her so much. I can’t wait to read more of Jo and Cash’s story and more in the Renegades world.

I highly recommend Shut Up and Kiss Me to romance fans.

About the Author:
Lissa was first inspired to consider a career in writing when she was in high school. Her English teacher recognized Lissa's gift for storytelling and encouraged her love of writing. She has six nieces and nephews whom she adores and a beloved cat who is her baby. Lissa loves the color purple and chai tea, and writes poetry under the pen name Bella Sterling.

Under the name Melissa Simmons, she has written one short story with fellow author, Allana Kephart, for the Dare to Shine Charity Anthology. She wrote another short story under the same name for the Best Thing I Never Had Charity Anthology. As Lissa Lynn Thomas, she has short stories in both the This Soldier's Heart Charity Anthology and the Karma Charity Anthology. Lissa's debut solo novel, Renegade Heart, is due out in winter of 2019. Renegade Heart is the first book in the Renegades series.

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