Thursday, March 12, 2020

Review: Kill Sight by Geoffrey Saign @geoffreysaign

Kill Sight
An Alex Sight Thriller
by Geoffrey Saign
Published: March 7, 2020
Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Action


Alex Sight sees murders.
But never the exact kill site.
He has 5 days to get it right.

When sophisticated environmental terrorists target the rich, powerful, and political elite over a 5-day murder spree, the FBI call in psychic ex-detective Alex Sight.

Alex has nearly a perfect record—but he’s still paying for the one case that went bad.

In a deadly race around the country, Alex and his brilliant partner, Megan Detalio, will do anything to stop the terrorists. Attracted to Megan on many levels, old wounds and new hopes rise for Alex, but Megan has a hidden past.

Stalked by a hired killer, Alex discovers a treacherous secret that will turn everything upside down.

Desperate to save the victims, he may have more trouble saving himself…

My Review:

Environmental terrorists are killing the rich, powerful and political figures. The FBI calls in ex-detective Alex Sight to help stop the terrorist. Alex Sight is very good at what he does. He has these psychic abilities where he sees the murder but not where they happened.

Alex is called in to help find the terrorist and put a stop to all the killing. He is given a new partner, Megan Detalio. Megan is a very secretive person. She keeps everything inside as she doesn’t know who to trust. The detective in Alex wants very much to know Megan’s secrets but as a person he respects her and lets her be. I sort of think that Megan probably has been through a traumatic experience and won’t let anyone in until she knows she can trust them.

Alex and Megan take us on a whirlwind ride shooting it out with the terrorist while trying to find a way to bring them down. Kill Sight is filled with lots of shooting and action from the very beginning and it never lets up. I could almost hear the sound of the guns in my head. There were so many twists and turns that kept the adrenaline pumping as I raced to the end to see how it all played out.

When I was reading Kill Sight I felt as if I was right there with Alex and Megan the whole way. I could just see them battling it out with the terrorist. I could see it all in my head as if I was watching a movie.

Kill Sight is a great story and introduction into a whole new series with some great characters. I can’t wait to read more about Alex and Megan in books to come.

Kill Sight is not the first book I have read by Geoffrey Saign and I must say that I honestly and truly enjoyed them all. I would recommend all of Geoffrey Saign’s books to anyone who likes a great mystery. One click your copy today to begin this action filled mystery thriller. 

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