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Review: Awake by Jennifer Reynolds

by Jennifer Reynolds
Published: October 25, 2019
Genre: Horror, Apocalyptic, Post-Apocalyptic, Zombies, Science Fiction


After waking in a field, naked, battered, bloody, and with no memory of who she was or what happened to her, Olivia “Liv” Stone, discovers that roughly four years have passed and a plague has swept her world, killing some and turning most into creatures only heard about in horror stories. Worse, she fears that during those missing years, she might have been one of the beings. How that was possible, and how she was human again, Liv doesn’t know but aims to find out. Along the way, she joins a war to eliminate the remaining creatures by waking as many of the undead as possible.

My Review:

A young girl Olivia “Liv” Stone wakes in the middle of a field naked, alone, confused with no memory of who she is or how she got there. Liv picks her sore, injured bloody body up off the ground and starts to look around her spotting a body not too from her with missing fingers. She asks herself if the missing fingers are the ones she just threw up back there. Yeah well she wasn’t about to go and inspect her throw-up to find out. No way no how.

As Liv awakens and time progresses she starts to have nightmares about what may have happened to her and the world around her. So far in her journey Liv has only seen a few zombies mulling around but none of them seem to want to eat her. But isn’t that what zombies do? Then why do they not want to eat her?

Liv learns from her memories how the world ended and the dead started to walk around attacking and eating people. They also tell her that she may have been a zombie herself. She also remembers her name and parents and that she had a sister.

Liv thinks a lot on being a zombie but now she is not and about being human again. Liv thinks about the people she may have attacked as a zombie and feels remorse and regret for what she has done.

Awake is unlike any zombie book I have ever read before. I have said this before but with this book it is truer than ever. I have read more books than I can count about zombies but I have never ever read a book about zombies and what they felt or thought or what may have went through their minds when they were zombies I didn’t think a zombie had a mind anymore but who knows right?

I really and truly loved reading Awake and would love to read more stories from this world. Awake is the first book by Jennifer Reynolds that I have read but I hope it is not the last as I do believe that I may have found another favorite author as I do love apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic, zombie books. I can’t seem to get enough of zombies or this genre. I do believe that Awake has become one of my favorite books.

If you like apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic books about zombies then I highly, highly recommend Awake. One click your copy today!

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