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Review: Sketches of Life by A. Gavazzoni @a_gavazzoni

Review: Sketches of Life
by A. Gavazzoni
Published: November 11, 2019
Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Crime


In the middle of WWII, France has surrendered to Germany, and young Lily, half French and half American, has her life turned upside down. A careless girl full of dreams, Lily must leave France and go to her father’s homeland, taking her mother with her.

Lily’s mother becomes completely dependent upon her teenage daughter, and Lily is forced to grow up quickly. Trying her best to support them both, balancing work and dreams of continuing her studies, Lily meets her first love and discovers passion and betrayal on her way.

Ninon is a survivor. Alone in the world, she works as an exotic dancer in a French cabaret called Le Passioné, where she moves her hips to put food on her plate until a new and dangerous opportunity is presented to her. Although Ninon has lost faith in love and God, life will show her surprises can be found around every corner.

France, the United States, Spain, Austria, and Argentina present the backdrops for an epic tale of people trying to adapt to a world in turmoil—one that’s filled with secrets and surprises.

My Review:

In the middle of WWII in France a young girl hides in her home as the Nazi comes in and takes her older sister away in the night. To protect Lily and her mother from the Nazi her father sends them a way to live in America where her father is from. Lily is half french and half American.

All her father ever wanted of Lily is to finish high school and then go on to college but then tragedy strikes and Lily’s world is torn to pieces. Her mother becomes ill and Lily is left to take care of her ailing mother.

Lily meets a nice young man in America who she takes an instant liking to but the romance doesn’t last too long when Lily finds out that he has betrayed her. Lily is heartbroken with all the lies and deceit that is falling off this young man.

Sketches of Life is told from multiple points of view the first being Lily’s of course and the next one is of a young woman, Ninon who works as an exotic dancer. Ninon’s life is changed tremendously when she is offered a job spying for her country. Ninon sees it as a job like any other that will put food on her table and clothes on her back.

I was really touched by both women’s stories but especially Lily’s. Lily’s story touched my heart and left me in tears on more than one occasion. I felt as if I had connected with Lily in some way on so many different levels. I felt for Lily as she was just a young girl on the brink of adult hood and so innocent on so many things. I felt for her because of all the things she was experiencing in her life things that most people experienced later in life if ever.

Sketches of Life is a well thought out story one that will stay with me for a long time to come. I think I will carry Lily and Ninon’s stories with me always. These two women have worked their way into my heart. I would like to get to know them more if that is possible. Sketches of Life pulled me into its depths from the first page and has not let go yet. I hope to read more of their stories.

I enjoy reading books through different characters eyes. I like getting the story from both. When I was reading both Lily and Ninon’s stories I kept wondering and waiting to see how their stories were going to intertwine. They had me guessing from the beginning and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to find out. Oh and when I did I was so surprised I never expected the ending to turn out the way it did but it worked so brilliantly well. What a surprise. I would love to know more about that great big twist there at the end.

I would recommend Sketches of Life to anyone looking for a warm heart felt, heart wrenching story of a girl coming of age in a war torn world. One click your copy of Sketches of Life to begin this wonderfully told story. 

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