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Review: Twisted World (Twisted #1) by Kate L. Mary @kmary0622

Twisted World

Twisted #1

by Kate L. Mary

Published: September 23, 2016

Publisher: Twisted Press, LLC

Genre: Science Fiction, Apocalyptic, Post-apocalyptic, Zombies, New Adult, Dystopian, Horror


Twenty years ago a deadly virus swept the globe, ravaging the population. People died and came back as monsters, and through the tragedy that rocked the world survivors were born. Megan James is the product of survivors. Her parents crossed hundreds of miles of dangerous countryside to reach Atlanta, and the promise of a real future.

Now, two decades later, Meg is facing a crisis of her own. Her father has vanished and is presumed dead, and her mom is teetering on the edge of insanity, but all Meg really wants is to return to the safe world she always thought she was living in. Only Atlanta isn’t everything her parents thought it would be. The slums have grown and corruption is rampant, and despite the promise of democracy the new government has been slow to change. Through it all, the only consistency seems to be the zombies. Decayed and barely more than skeletons, there is no reason they should still be moving. But they are.

Facing the harsh world alone, Meg gets a job in the entertainment district of Atlanta where she meets convict fighter Donaghy. Angry at the world and his circumstances, all the fighter really wants is to be left alone. But when he gets swept up in Meg’s problems, he finds it impossible to turn his back on her.

When a mysterious note resurrects old rumors about what the CDC is really doing, Meg can’t help wondering if her father might have met the same fate that her uncle did twenty years earlier. With the help of Donaghy, she will search for the truth among the darkness that has settled over Atlanta, where they’ll soon discover that the mutated virus has brought forth creatures nobody could have imagined, and the evil intentions of the men in charge are much more sinister than anyone ever thought possible, making the future look harsher than ever before.

***This novel is the first book in a new zombie/dystopian series, set twenty years after the final book in the Broken World series. While reading the first seven books will be helpful, it is not necessary to follow the plot of Twisted World.

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My Review:

Twisted World in the first novel in the brand new series, Twisted by a very favorite author. Twisted World is like a spin-off from Kate’s Broken World Series. Twisted World takes place twenty years after a virus has swept through the nation killing almost everyone in its wake leaving behind a world filled with the undead or zombies. The zombies are still walking around after twenty years. You would think that the survivors would have taken care of this zombie problem by now but unfortunately, they are still walking around.

Twisted World brings back some of our favorite characters from the Broken World series but its main focus is the next generation. We still have Vivian with us from Broken World but Axl is not. Poor Vivian is having the worst time of getting over Axl. She doesn’t work any longer, She doesn’t even step foot outside.

Meg one of our main characters from Twisted World and Vivian’s daughter is doing everything she can to keep them afloat but it is very hard all by herself. They are in danger of losing their apartment. They live in an apartment in Atlanta inside the walls. Living inside the walls is like living in luxury especially compared to living outside the walls.

With no other options, Meg finds a job working at this place where zombies are brought in for entertainment. The prisons are becoming over crowed and in order to thin out the population, prisoners are given the choice to fight a zombie for their freedom.

Meg receives an anonymous letter, its contents lead her to wonder if her father, Axl may still alive and if what happened to her Uncle Angus could have happened to him. With the help of a man, she meets at the fighting ring where she works she starts searching for her father. Something is happening to the zombies. They are changing. Why are they changing? Who is responsible for this change? Has the virus mutated?

Twisted World leads you on one long twist that keeps on turning and turning and twisting as the story progresses and it reveals its secrets one at a time and the tension builds as Meg takes you on one dark road after another. Twisted World is filled with one surprising twist after another, that kept me hooked page after page.

Once I picked it up I couldn’t put it down until I had read the last word. I just had to know how it all turned out. I can’t wait to dive into the next book in the Twisted series, Twisted Memories to see what comes next.

I highly recommend Twisted World to all those zombie fans out there who just can’t seem to get enough of this world. For a better more enjoyable experience I do suggest that you read the Broken World series before reading Twisted World but it is not required. Love zombies? Yeah, well then I guess your best bet is to start one-clicking your copies of this zombie-infested world, that is Twisted World and Broken World series today!

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