Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Review: Ricochet by Lissa Lynn Thomas @LissaLynn78


by Lissa Lynn Thomas

Published: January 26, 2021

Genre: Multicultural Romance, Interracial Romance, Romantic Suspense


Adelaide Jensen has the scoop of the decade and something to prove. She's not about to let the sleazy press secretary, Ransom Lewis, stand in her way. She wants justice for the senator's son who died under what she believes are suspicious circumstances. More than that, she wants the truth.

When Adelaide starts snooping around secrets that have long been buried for the good of the senator, his campaign manager gets nervous. Now another man has caught Addie's eye, and Ransom is lingering around her like he's the only thing standing between her and certain death.

Soon, her discoveries begin to ricochet beyond her control. Will the reporter recover her scorched reputation? Or will this family's past be the end of them all?

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My Review:

Adelaide Jensen sets out to investigate the death of a senator's son. Addie is suspicious of the circumstances surrounding his death. When she starts to ask too many questions and gets too close to the truth, a hit is put out on her life.

Press secretary, Ransom Lewis overhears someone talking in the senator's office about Addie. Ransom is very worried about Addie and starts to follow her around without her knowledge so he can hopefully keep her safe. But Addie is way smarter than he gave her credit for as she catches him.

When he can’t persuade Addie to give up on her investigation into the senator's son’s death he decides the best thing for him to do is help her. Things start to heat up pretty quickly and when an attempt to kidnapper Addie is foiled by Ransom he believes her best bet is to stay hidden for a while away from the public eye but of course Addie thinks her case is more important than her life and continues her investigation leaving Ransom no choice but to stay as close to her as possible.

Ricochet is a fast-paced read with more than enough suspense to keep you hooked and the pages flying by as each scene plays out in your head as if you are watching a movie. Ricochet is the kind of book that you want to curl up on the sofa with but let me warn you, you will probably need more than a snuggie blanket to cozy up to as the flames become hotter and hotter.

Ricochet is a hot and steamy romantic suspense book that will curl your toes as things start to heat up and you race to the end wondering how it is all going to come out. While Ricochet kept me on my toes trying to figure out what was around the corner I will have to admit there were a couple of things that didn’t take me too long to figure out. Just what are those couple of things you may ask? Well, I will never tell.

If you like romantic suspense stories then I think you will truly enjoy reading Ricochet! One-click your copy of Ricochet today!  

About the Author:
Lissa was first inspired to consider a career in writing when she was in high school. Her English teacher recognized Lissa's gift for storytelling and encouraged her love of writing. She has six nieces and nephews whom she adores and a beloved cat who is her baby. Lissa loves the color purple and chai tea, and writes poetry under the pen name Bella Sterling.

Under the name Melissa Simmons, she has written one short story with fellow author, Allana Kephart, for the Dare to Shine Charity Anthology. She wrote another short story under the same name for the Best Thing I Never Had Charity Anthology. As Lissa Lynn Thomas, she has short stories in both the This Soldier's Heart Charity Anthology and the Karma Charity Anthology. Lissa's debut solo novel, Renegade Heart, is due out in winter of 2019. Renegade Heart is the first book in the Renegades series.

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