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Review: Red Virus (Zommunist Invasion Book 1) by Camille Picott @camillepicott

Red Virus

Zommunist Invasion Book 1

by Camille Picott

Published: October 1, 2020

Genre: Zombie, Horror, Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic


Invading troops with a deadly virus. A young man fighting for his life. Will flesh-eating monsters run out the clock on America’s future?

Northern California, 1984. Former high school quarterback Leo Cecchino sacrificed his dreams for his family. Unfulfilled by the daily grind of their ailing farm, he can’t help but feel resentment. But he’s soon redirecting his smoldering frustration into battle rage when his small town is invaded by bloodthirsty Russians armed with a zombie virus.

Forced from his home to a secret hideaway, Leo tries desperately to spread the word and defend his country. But with the Soviets and their ravenous puppets firmly in control, it may rest on Leo and his hastily created counterattack playbook to save them all from a grisly death.

Can Leo snatch victory from the undead jaws of defeat?

Red Virus is the first book in the gripping Zommunist Invasion zombie apocalypse series. If you like small-town heroes, pulse-pounding action, and drooling enemies, then you’ll love Camille Picott’s page-turning tale.

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My Review:

Red Virus starts out slow and builds up to all the action letting you get to know the characters before dropping the bomb on you so to speak. When I first started reading Red Virus I kept thinking, well, where are the zombies? Then the Russians attacked, again I was wondering where are the zombies? Then I thought I guess the Russians are the zombies. Yeah, well I was closer than I thought.

The Russians may not be the zombies per se but they did bring the zombie virus with them and released it upon the United States. The Russians came in attacked with all intentions of taking over The United States but the American citizens were not about to let that happen as they picked up arms and fought back. Fought them back with the Russians own weapons that is.

Leo Cecchino, a former high school quarterback with the help of his family and his best friend Dal return fire on the Russians. Leo and Dal has no intentions of ever letting anyone come in and take over their home without at least trying to fight back, to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Red Virus may be slow to reveal the action but once it does it is on then. Once the Russians have boots on the ground and release the zombie virus then that is when the adrenaline starts to race and the real fighting begins. It is fight or die then. I was so proud of Leo, Dal, and Lena when they fought back against the Russians and then the zombies. They were so brave putting others before themselves. They never gave it a second thought. They just picked up a gun and started firing.

I like books like Red Virus with a slow build-up, pulling you in deeper and deeper until you are lost in its depths and then when you least expect it, bam it hits you in the face and the race is on and never lets up from beginning to end. And you are shocked when you reach the end, a place you hoped never to see. Yeah, well I am just glad that I have the next book waiting and I can dive right into it after this review is written of course.

Reasons to read Red Virus...

The characters are all wonderful people...

The world-building is out of this world...

Twist on zombies is awesome…

Gives you that zombie high...

Brilliantly written story…

Need more now, please…

Can’t wait to read more by this author...

Oh, wait I have the next book, Snipers…

Enough said! Now it is time to one-click your copy of this amazing book, Red Virus and step into this Russian, zombie fighting world today!

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