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Review: Twisted Fate (Twisted #3) by Kate L. Mary @kmary0622

Twisted Fate

Twisted #3

by Kate L. Mary

Published: October 10, 2017

Publisher: Twisted Press, LLC

Genre: Science Fiction, Apocalyptic, Post-apocalyptic, Zombies, New Adult, Dystopian, Horror


The world Megan James thought she knew has been slowly unraveling. Her father disappeared and was presumed dead, her mother’s sanity started to slip away, and the safe world she’d always thought she was living in slowly began to reveal its very dark and twisted depths. With the discovery that both her father and long-lost uncle, Angus James, were alive, Meg thought she’d finally learned all the secrets New Atlanta and the CDC had to offer, but she soon discovers that the surprises have barely begun.

With Jackson Star’s threatening presence looming over them, Meg and her family are forced to flee the walls of New Atlanta, leaving both Axl and Donaghy, the man Meg has come to care so much about, in the CDC’s clutches. Knowing that rescuing them will be no easy task, the group turns to a very unlikely source, and Meg soon discovers that her long-lost uncle has more than a few shocking secrets to share. After two decades of living behind walls, it looks like the end of the zombies could be in sight, assuming they can break into the most fortified building left in the world. Luckily, Angus James knows exactly what to do to make it happen.

But Angus isn’t the only one with a few tricks up his sleeves. When Jackson Star suddenly decides to release Donaghy, it isn’t out of the kindness of his heart. With the clock ticking more than ever, Meg finds herself in a race against time. Success means not only saving her family, but the whole world as well, while failure could very well mean a life of living as Jackson Star’s slave.

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My Review:

All our favorite characters from Broken World and Twisted are back even Angus. Yeah everyone has now learned that Angus is still alive and that he has been held at the CDC while they experimented on him trying to find a cure for the zombie virus. A lot of people in the group thought of Angus as a God whom they worshiped.

I guess over the years as people are known to do I guess they talked and the more they talked the bigger the stories concerning Angus became until now they believe that he is capable of performing miracles. They think with him being immune to the zombie virus that he can just wave his hands around a little bit and the zombies will just disappear or something like that.

With the return of Angus, they decide that they are going to swarm the CDC and take them down and save all their friends, family, and loved ones. When Axl went missing everyone assumed Axl to be dead but that may not be the case. With Angus’s return, they now have hope that he may still be alive. Infiltrating the CDC will not be an easy task but Angus knows just how to get in and what to do once they are inside.

Is the world as they know it about to come to an end? Can they save the world from the zombies? Or will they lose everyone and everything when they go up against the CDC? Is a small group of people strong enough to take down the CDC? Who has the most to lose? The resistance or the CDC?

I fell in love with these characters and this world with the first book in the Broken World series. I am so sad to see it end. I do hope that Mary sees fit to pop out a few short stories from time to time with events that were not apart of the Broken World or Twisted series maybe with new characters or maybe an old character or two whose story we haven’t read yet. I would like to know how the zombie apocalypse started for some of the other characters and how they met up with Vivian, Axl, and Angus.

I highly recommend Twisted Fate to all zombie, apocalyptic and dystopian fans out there. Are you a fan of The Walking Dead? If the answer is yes then you are going to love Twisted Fate. Oh but I recommend that you read the Broken World series before reading the Twisted series as they should be read in order. So...I suggest that you get to clicking if you want to read this epic zombie-infested series. One-click your copies of the Broken World series and Twisted series today to begin this zombie, horror-filled world!

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