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Review: Twisted Memories (Twisted #2) by Kate L. Mary @kmary0622

Twisted Memories

Twisted #2

by Kate L. Mary

Published: June 7, 2017

Publisher: Twisted Press, LLC

Genre: Science Fiction, Apocalyptic, Post-apocalyptic, Zombies, New Adult, Dystopian, Horror


Twenty years ago Angus James woke to find himself in a sterile room. On the other side of the locked door, doctors worked to manipulate a virus, using him as their ultimate pin cushion. He was supposed to be dead - and there were moments over the next two decades when he wished he was - but despite his torturous existence, he remained a fighter. Through pain, love, loss, and heartbreak, Angus traveled a road that took him on a journey much bigger than the room he was confined to. As the world moved forward without him, he fought to hold onto as much of himself as he could, determined to make it out of his prison a whole man..

Outside the walls of the CDC, Angus’s family worked to move on. But between the dark rumors surrounding the man in charge and a twisted new religion that threatened to turn their lives upside down, starting over has began to seem impossible. With more and more of the freedoms being stripped away, and more devastating losses piling up around them, the group found themselves wishing they’d never set foot in New Atlanta in the first place.

And wondering if leaving was even an option

Travel back with Twisted Memories and experience the emotional journey Angus James was forced to take during his twenty years as a prisoner. Discover how he came to be a father, what he did to stay sane during his long confinement, and how he managed to earn his freedom.

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My Review:

Once again we step into the Twisted world with Twisted Memories. Twisted Memories takes us on a trip down memory lane as we learn the fate of Angus from Broken World and that he is alive and...well, hmm… not well exactly. Angus has been at the CDC in New Atlanta for the past years being put through one test after another.

Meanwhile, in New Atlanta, the James name is sort of worshiped by the people for what Angus did to save the world. The James’ name is revered by many. Anyone who carries the name James is also put up on a petal in some way or another.

You know I never would have thought that this series could get any better but after reading all the Broken World books and now the second book in the Twisted series I can say without any doubt that they just get better and better. I can’t get enough of this world and like The Walking Dead, I hope it never ends.

I love zombies and can’t ever seem to get enough of them either. And the world-building is out of this world. Not to mention all the characters and all the new ones we are introduced to in each book.

Each book is written in such a way that I can see all the scenes in my head as I am reading as if I am a part of their family and this world. I see it in my head as if I am standing with them as the zombies come out to play and then we all get surrounded and I am looking out into the crowd watching as they fight their way through the zombies. There are times when it is hard to tell the live people from the undead as I can imagine all the blood and gore.

I feel sort of like a narrator as I whip my head around from side to side trying to locate all my favorite characters wondering who needs my help. Like who do I need to give a heads up to next? Who is about to be bit? Who do I give warning to now? I can see all this in slow motion as I stand there with machete in hand waiting to see what is coming next and where Vivian, Axl, James, and the rest of the crew are going. Once I step inside this zombie-infested world I am lost as I take yet another journey through a broken and twisted world.

I highly recommend Twisted Memories to all those zombie fans out there. One-click your copy of Twisted Memories today to begin this epic journey down memory lane! I would like to suggest that you read the Broken World series before reading the Twisted series.

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