Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Release Blitz + Review + #Giveaway: This Love (Renegades Book #1) by Lissa Lynn Thomas @LissaLynn78 @EJBookPromos

Title: This Love
Series: Renegades Book #1
Author: Lissa Lynn Thomas
Genre: Small Town, Second Chance, Friends to Lovers, Love Triangle, Country/Rockstar Romance
Release Date: April 13, 2021

I'm a country song waiting to happen.

No, seriously.

Two lifelong best friends, my best friend and my ex, closer than brothers with one girl stuck in the middle. Of course, that girl would be me. And, to make things even more fraught, they're both members of the area's hottest Country band. That I manage.

The worst part of all this, though, is that I know I'm going to break someone's heart. Might even break all three of our hearts...

At least they're sure to get a hit song out of this?


My Review:

Chloe and Raif have been best friends since forever. Today is the day Raif says I do or was supposed to that is. Poor Raif is left standing at the altar when his bride-to-be tells him she can’t marry him. Poor Raif is left standing there watching his bride-to-be walk down the aisle except she is walking the wrong way. She is walking out of his life forever so to speak.

Not to worry though Raif’s best friend Chloe takes him home with her to console him but things take a different turn than they expected when he kisses her and makes things awkward for the two of them.

When Raif’s best friend Luke finds out about their little tryst his heart is broken as he has been in love with Chloe for a long time. Raif and Luke are like brothers. They are a part of a famous rock band which Chloe manages for them.

This Love is a love triangle between three best friends with very big hearts. This Love brought out all sorts of feelings like happiness, sadness, joy, anger, and frustration for me. It had me in tears on more than one occasion for different reasons. I cried happy tears and I cried sad tears. Chloe, Raif, and Luke all seemed like real people and not just characters in a book.

I liked how the author made me feel what the characters were feeling. I liked how she made me feel as if I was right there with Chloe, Raif, and Luke as if I was a part of their world. This Love was written so well that I could see each and every scene playing out in my head as if I was right there.

I could hear the band as they played. I could see all the people at the bar when they were playing I could see the people dancing. I could see the smoke-filled room as the band played up on the stage. I saw Chloe standing behind the bar serving drinks.

This Love is a warm cozy love story with all the feels and the best characters. I would recommend This Love for anyone looking for a warm and cozy love story! One-click your copy of This Love today!

Lissa Lynn Thomas writes flawed individuals living in stories that mix humor with the darker side of life and love. With Helena Novak, she's one half of A.L. Shea.



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