Monday, November 1, 2021

Review: Chronicles of the Elementals (Elementals of Nordica Prequel) by TC Marti

Chronicles of the Elementals

Elementals of Nordica Prequel

by TC Marti

Genre: Fantasy, Magic, Sword and Sorcery


Sion Zona's collegiate career ended in one cataclysmic moment.

Now, the world's most powerful empire has framed the Wind Wielder for a crime he did not commit.

But Sion isn't the only one about to run from the Tamurian Empire. Brother-sister duo Mikko and Valkyrie Siskonen never knew they were walking into a trap. Having illegally snuck from the Republic of Nordica to Tamuria's South Nordican Colonies for years, why would this go-around be any different? Unfortunately for the Siskonen siblings, they're about to find themselves stuck in the middle of a rebellion in which the Tamurian and South Nordican leadership is pinning on the colony's elementals.

Chronicles of the Elementals is the Prequel to the upcoming Elementals of Nordica Series. If you love complex plots, non-stop action, elemental magic, and sword and sorcery, make this modern-day epic fantasy your next great read.

My Review:

Chronicles of the Elementals is a great introduction to a brand new world. Chronicles of the Elementals gives a glimpse into this new world and has a whole bunch of wonderful characters. It is told from different points of view.

Many years ago there was a war between mutants and non-mutants. After the war, there was a law passed where mutants weren’t allowed to use their powers. If a mutant was ever caught practicing the mutation they were born with they would be executed.

A battle has broken out between the Republic of Nordica and Tamuria's South Nordican. The mutants are being blamed for the rebellion between Nordica and South Nordican.

Chronicles of the Elementals has left me with a lot of questions. I want to know more about mutants and powers. Chronicles of the Elementals is just an appetizer for Wind Wielder book one in the Elementals of Nordica Series. I can’t wait to learn more about the elementals and their magic.  

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