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Blog Tour + Review + #Giveaway: Oath-Breaker by River Starr @river_starr @XpressoTours

River Starr
(Angel of Death & Demons, #1)
Publication date: May 5th 2022
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance

No one survives their meeting with the Angel of Death—except for me.

After being accused of rallying citizens to revolt against him and breaking the rules of engagement with demons to save my best friend—guilty as charged on both accounts—the Angel of Death demands to personally oversee my sentencing in his obsidian castle of demons and death.

I’m done for. This is the end. But my death won’t be in vain—I’ll die a martyr to the Paladins Order’s cause, and I’ll rescue my best friend at the same time. She’ll be safe and the paladins will pick a new leader. They’ll thrive and continue the fight.

Or so I think. When judgment day arrives and I’m knelt before the Angel of Death, with his onyx eyes, his ebony hair, and his seductively imposing stature, my soul doesn’t leave me.

It soars.

Because when I dare to look the Angel of Death in the eyes, everything changes. And what unfolds in my anger and vengeance’s stead is a thread of events I never could have foreseen.

I survived my meeting with the Angel of Death. But can I survive his love?

OATH-BREAKER is the first of a M/F paranormal demon romance duology full of steamy goodness.

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My Review:

The leader of the Paladins Order Ayla’s, best friend was captured by the demons. Ayla will do whatever it takes to rescue her friend even give up her own freedom in exchange for her friend.

Ayla goes to rescue her friend and she is taken by the demons as well. Ayla is sentenced to death by the demon leader for the crimes committed against the demons.

Ayla tries to make a deal with the demon leader. If he will release her friends then she will stay. When Ayla first sets eyes upon the demon something inside her stirs. The demon leader says she is his mate. Ayla says this cannot be true as her mate has passed away.

The more Ayla tries to deny that he is her mate the more the sparks fly between the two. There are quite a few hot scenes between Ayla and this demon. These hot scenes make me wonder if they are anything like the hot scenes between Nadine and Randall Flag in Stephen King’s The Stand. I wonder if the demon flashes like he is made of fire. I would like to see this one on the big screen as I would like to see the graphics on these hot scenes.

The Oath-Breaker was a fast-paced, intense, and hot read with never a dull moment between its pages. I kept seeing this demon as a very hot and sexy dude built like a brick house kind of deal, you know? Can you see him?

While the Oath-Breaker was a slow build-up to that amazing and shocking ending, an ending that I didn’t see happening quite like it did. The Oath-Breaker kept me guessing from beginning to end. I can’t wait to see what the next book has in store for us. To see where the next leg of the journey takes us.

I would like to recommend the Oath-Breaker to all paranormal romance fans! Grab your copy of the Oath-Breaker today!

Author Bio:

River Starr writes books that help you escape, especially fantasy romance full of magic and supernaturals. Favorite things: coffee, wine, chocolate, and a heavy dose of books to chase away the dark... or invite delicious darkness in.

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